September 21st, 2010

Wow. You guys have some opinions on porch paint.


To be fair, I thought it might be prudent to show some daytime images to give context to the twilight photos. At dusk the gray looks much darker, but during high noon it bleaches out a bit. I shot some pics real quick like (sorry for the deep shadows, this is probably the worst time to take pictures).

The porch and stairs seem really dark but those are just shadows, don’t let them fool you! In real life it’s more like a darkish mid-tone warm gray.

There isn’t a second coat since we were still debating on what to do. We lived with it yesterday and now today and I think…I like it. Maybe I did have color shock.

Yikes. It really needs a couple more coats. Check out those kitty prints.

Some voiced concerns were:

Heat ||  That cement is getting hot no matter what. Try walking on the back cement porch during noon and your bare feet will hurt. We just know to wear shoes during the summer.

Darkness || There is plenty of light on the porch at night, tripping won’t be an issue. When we landscape we will be adding a pathway and lighting which will help out as well.

Dirt || Yeah, I agree. It’s going to get dirty. No matter what color it is it’s going to get filthy. Mostly from cats walking on it instead of people since our friends and neighbors tend to come to the back entrance to stop by. This is a habit I need to break with unexpected visitors. Sometimes you don’t want people pepping through your back windows, because, say your blogging without pants on or something. Not that I would know anything about that.

The dirt issue will also be helped by landscaping. When our driveway was all dirt, everything was CONSTANTLY covered in a layer of filth. Since we graveled it, that issue is so much better. Now we just have pines needles everywhere from the neighbors gigantor stupid monster tree.

I think I’m going to paint out the rest of the porch with “Intellectual”. I mean, come on, it’s the smart move right? Don’t worry I just punched myself in the face.

BOY 1. ME 0.

You win this time sucker. Stop gloating and go paint the second coat.

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  1. Jason | These Roving Eyes on 09/21/2010:

    Good idea.
    Stick with it. Looks good.

  2. Sharlene Yaqui on 09/21/2010:

    It’s fine, another coat should do it. I’m just happy to see it progress. I love watching :-).

  3. neuro on 09/21/2010:

    Love the way the gray looks against the white and the wood tones.

    You know what I’d be craving to add in as an accent somewhere/somehow on the porch? Celadon green.

  4. Eric @ flavorspaces on 09/21/2010:

    Okay I’ll change my original opinion. I like the color now that I’ve seen a few different shots in full daylight. The contrast against the white wall under the porch and the slat wall looks really really good. In direct sunlight it doesn’t look as dark as I thought and still lets the slat wall be a major focal point, which I think it should.

    YAY for The Boy winning a round!

  5. weekdaycarnival on 09/21/2010:

    😉 Looks nice!

  6. maya on 09/21/2010:

    looks nice
    i love it go go boy!

  7. Brismod on 09/21/2010:

    It doesn’t look so dark at all – looks great!

  8. my little apartment on 09/21/2010:

    I’m diggin’ it. maybe it’d also look rad if you used white rocks/stones on either side of the walkway when you landscaped? that might help it stand out a bit more. oh, and sand. sand doesn’t get dusty.

  9. Anna @ D16 on 09/21/2010:

    Okay, you’re right—it definitely does look better in the daylight. I still feel like I need the roof to be balance out, though. I’m trying to picture the feather grass/other landscaping in there since I’m sure that will help…

    I do like My Little Apartment’s suggestion of lining the sides with rocks.

  10. Tonia on 09/21/2010:

    It still looks good to me. Question, is that a roller shade on your window or is the window frosted? I looking for ideas for my bathroom windows.

  11. misa on 09/21/2010:

    i love it. it looks awesome. the room in which i let my husband pick the color is tiffany blue and appalling.

  12. alex sunday on 09/21/2010:

    yay for the boy! he did good and i’m glad you’ve come around. i am sure his gloating is wearing thin though. if it were my partner, the gloating would have an accompanying dance. i hope you’re spared such things. 🙂

  13. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/21/2010:

    Tonia – there is a roller shade installed inside the window. Our bathroom is frosted . I like that look a lot.

  14. L on 09/21/2010:

    Looks FAB.

  15. Alex on 09/22/2010:

    It looks great, Check out my New Post we got our furniture in last week! Cheers

  16. Amy on 09/22/2010:

    Thanks for showing it in the daytime. I agree – boy wins this one. But you do too cuz it looks fabulous!

  17. ModFruGal on 09/22/2010:

    Nice job Boy. Be careful using sand too close to the walkway since it likes to eat hardwood floors and paint jobs.

  18. Robyn on 09/22/2010:

    Ah, looks great with the new shots, and I think the contrast from future landscape will really work. I kept checking back yesterday and even then it was growing on me. I am officially in the LIKE category!

  19. kassy on 09/22/2010:

    It looks great in the daylight, way to go Boy!!

  20. Tim Young on 09/22/2010:

    Wow, it does look much lighter in the daylight. And much better.

    That first picture you posted is verging on Julius Shulman. The slats look great with daylight peeping through.

  21. Brick and Brack on 09/22/2010:

    Yeah. Okay- in the light I love it! The first two photos look awesome.

  22. Lord Mang on 09/22/2010:

    I am going to steal that Bertoia chair if you leave it out there.

  23. Ali on 09/22/2010:

    Keep the dark grey- and if you want people to use the front path- add a red potplant beside the front door- draw the eye in.

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/22/2010:

    Oh it’s a lousy knock off. If it was real that thing would be inside!

  25. Stine on 09/22/2010:

    ok- I was one of those who thought: gosh, no. But now I like it. It’s the perfect grey and matching the roof. Please play this to the boy, please: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGMnW7FKFvg. PS- in fact it’s not intellectual, it’s “german highway”. Love it.

  26. bri on 09/22/2010:

    I dig it!

  27. terreur on 09/22/2010:

    it looks great! don’t let the success go to the boy’s head though – he might start questioning your design dictatorship.

  28. Heather Espana on 09/22/2010:

    Oh, that looks MUCH better in the daytime. Quite tasty, really.

  29. Vanessa Stern on 09/22/2010:

    I love it! Never have seen something like this (the style of houses is in Germany very different). But I really love it! Teh contrast to the white wall and the fantastic thing made of wood… It’s a masterpiece.

    Thank you for sharing.


  30. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/22/2010:

    “This is a habit I need to break with unexpected visitors. Sometimes you don’t want people pepping through your back windows, because, say your blogging without pants on or something.”

    Um, ok, so I laughed out loud at that and I think my coworkers think I’m insane(r) now.

    I like the gray!

  31. Ryan on 09/22/2010:

    I like it. I like the dark grey contrast and the issues that people pointed out, I agree. It’s hot down there and the color won’t really help or hinder. same with dirt, etc. My porch was painted also and I don’t know what to do with it. I wanted to stain it, but I don’t think I can get all the old paint off. But if I repaint will it get all slippery in the winter? I think I’ll live with it for a few more years and add an outdoor rug to cover the chippy paint.

  32. Mike on 09/22/2010:

    Don’t beat yourself up girl. It works! It’s your thing, but give the “the boy” his due and move on. I mean, really, have you ever had a boss that was always, if ever, perfect

  33. Char on 09/22/2010:

    Looks much better in the daylight!

  34. MEGAN on 09/22/2010:

    I love the light/dark contrast.

  35. Carolyn on 09/22/2010:

    Oh, I love it!! Score one for the Boy!

    Any chance you would paint the trim around that window on the left the same color? I recently painted our front door trim a similar color – I think it was Francesca from that new Martha Stewart line- I had color shock too at first, but now it’s my favorite part in the den. Not the best photo, but you get the idea: http://www.flickr.com/photos/imacookoo/4831597606/in/set-72157623365104751/

  36. Lynne on 09/23/2010:

    It looks so great! Such clean lines….and you know how us MidCentury Modernists LOVE those clean lines!!! Fabulous job Boy!

  37. DD on 09/23/2010:

    I love it! It looks quite different in the day, but I also loved the twilight shots. it’s nice and smooth. love it.

  38. Emma Jay on 09/23/2010:

    I love it!

    Am totally jell.

  39. Bigboy on 09/23/2010:

    Looks great just needs plants.

  40. Debra on 09/24/2010:

    Oh this turned out so beautiful. I love it I knew it would be beautiful.

  41. Reba on 09/25/2010:

    Wow –I love it. I’ll admit, I’m biased, as we stained the porch floor of our Victorian rowhouse almost the deep gray. I was wary at first but bright white planters filled with varying shades of green succulents are just the trick.

  42. Sarah on 09/25/2010:

    Great work, way to go baby…

  43. I love it.

    Go BOY!

    (we have to let them win sometimes, right?)

  44. instagram viewer on 09/30/2017:

    Looks so great! Thank you for sharing!! I really like the idea.

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