September 9th, 2010

The only thing I picked up in Palm Springs (well that’s not totally true, I got two small geodes as well) was this vintage brass steamer trunk. I know it’s crazy, right! It’s so brassy! Jesus, I love me some brass.

The thing had been marked down maybe five times from the original price of $125 to $30. I haggled a bit with the guy and got him down to $15. How could anyone pass it by? It’s so glammy

It’s living in the den for now and adding some needed storage for pillows and blankets. Iggy keeps catching sideways glances of himself reflected as he walks by and it’s wigging him out.

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  1. jennifer in sf on 09/09/2010:

    I LOVE it.

  2. Brick and Brack on 09/09/2010:


  3. lisa on 09/09/2010:


  4. JJ on 09/09/2010:

    oooh, that thing kicks ass. I am a big fan of brass too. That trunk was a serious score.

  5. Brismod on 09/09/2010:

    $15 for that piece of bling is great. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’d pay more than that for a plastic storage container. This is much more stylish.

  6. Juliab on 09/09/2010:

    $15?? Wow, that’s a bargain and it looks in perfect condition. You did well. I wish we had thrift shops in the UK on a par with the US.

  7. Charlotte on 09/09/2010:

    I love brass too and have also never seen anything like this trunk. Great find! 15 bucks is a steal.

  8. Lisa on 09/09/2010:

    Shut up. Jesus. It’s perfect. I may just retire and thrift vicariously from now on.

  9. anita@ a dreamer's den on 09/09/2010:

    total score!! it rocks.

  10. Patricia Ann on 09/09/2010:

    Oh Willy Wonka, that thing is shinier than my face on a summer day. I can’t believe you dragged that monster from Palm Springs. It’s an awesome monster though. Good find.

  11. Erin on 09/09/2010:

    Julia B…Morgan lives in some alternate universe where there are amazing thrift stores. There is nothing that compares near me…

    Once again…you score big

  12. Eric on 09/09/2010:

    I was waiting to see what you got, and I wasn’t disappointed. The truck is freaking awesome!!! The thrifty gods were on your side 🙂

  13. Suzy8track on 09/09/2010:

    Holy Shiite Muslim! How do you find such incredible deals??!!

  14. libby on 09/09/2010:

    love. it. p.s. where did you find that brass/wood shelving unit?

  15. Coletta on 09/09/2010:

    not a fan of brass..but love the pottery on the shelf. please box it all up and mail it to me.

  16. Ana on 09/09/2010:

    My chest hurts with jealousy, for reals.

    I will spend the rest of my days haunting thrift stores for this exact trunk.

    Awesome find Morgan.

  17. Jason |These Roving Eyes| on 09/09/2010:

    Incredible. Glammy, indeed. I want one. $15. Can’t conjure full sentences. #jealous

  18. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/09/2010:

    Oh wow that thing is awesome!

  19. bri on 09/09/2010:


  20. Shauna on 09/09/2010:

    I wish I found that. Love it.

  21. Elizabeth on 09/09/2010:

    Oh my!! Love it!

  22. erin@designcrisis on 09/09/2010:

    Karly has a pair of those she uses as nightstands. I covet.

    And if you ever give me your address, I’m going to sneak in while you sleep and steal that lamp.

    Just kidding. Maybe.

  23. Ashley on 09/09/2010:

    Your finds never fail to impress me. Love it.

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/09/2010:

    Erin yes, it is called meth town USA, otherwise known as the Inland Empire. But not like the David Lynch movie.

    I love my trunk, I’m thinking it may need to go somewhere else though…

  25. Shauntelle on 09/09/2010:

    That trunk is indeed brassy! But soooo fabulous! My big question is how much does that bad boy weigh?

  26. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/09/2010:

    It doesn’t weigh very much…the same as a normal non-brassy trunk I think.

  27. Leigh-Ann on 09/09/2010:

    Wow, In that first pic it’s almost invisible! Very neat find!

  28. pianoarthur on 09/09/2010:

    Iggy keeps catching sideways glances of himself reflected as he walks by and it’s wigging him out.Ha! That must be entertaining as hell! LOL

  29. UNI on 09/09/2010:

    straight up sick. i just scored two brass block bookends at the thrift today which are right up this chest’s alley.. pictures going up soon on ye ol blog.

  30. alex on 09/09/2010:

    Nice, I have some horrible gold framed sliding doors I can see you =p Also we just started offering 14 Tweed options for the Knoll sofas.. email me if you want samples

  31. Mike W on 09/10/2010:


    Makes me want to move out to the Desert and buy lot’s of cheap thrift store crap – ur, stuff

  32. Cheryl on 09/10/2010:

    I never would have thought to buy an item like that, but wow, it really looks fantastic in your space. Especially with the brass accents in the bookshelf above.

  33. Kara on 09/10/2010:

    Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve never seen one like that. I’m totally jealous. That trunk would look great in my bedroom that I am currently remodeling. I love how you positioned it under a shelf. You can place things above it, but don’t have to move them to access the contents of the trunk.

  34. Inez on 09/10/2010:

    id you ever want to get rid of that beautiful trunk… please keep me in mind, i’ve been searching for one. For a while, have not found one that is that cheap and super cute! Love the brick house! keep up the wonderful job!

  35. Inez on 09/10/2010:


  36. Anna Elena on 09/11/2010:

    holy crappity-crap. How unique, what a showstopper! I love it!

  37. WTF Morgan? That is so completely fantastic…

  38. kate on 09/13/2010:

    i love that trunk! great find. so jealous.

  39. Tonia on 09/14/2010:

    $15 What the hell? You have me on the hunt for one now…..:)

  40. genevieve on 09/18/2010:

    Oh my good GAWD I love that.

  41. Sharlene Yaqui on 09/20/2010:

    Your paintings always crack me up. They’re great. The trunk is pretty sweet too.

  42. bekka on 10/19/2010:

    that’s so awesome! Does it have a tag or brand or some identifying mark so we lurker’s can copy you more efficiently?

  43. Danyelle Hadaway on 10/23/2010:

    If you ever tire of your trunk please email me so that I can pick up that lovely by greyhound. No seriously, I am really interested!

  44. Ana Maria on 12/02/2011:

    $15?!? i think you win for the best vintage find ever. that piece is INCREDIBLE!

  45. Marissa on 07/29/2012:

    I am SEARCHING for the brass / walnut (wood) shelving unit you have here – – where is it from?!

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