Front Door, Finished

August 23rd, 2010

The front door needed a few final tweaks to make it the bomb shit. We patched up the old hinge holes left after the screen door was removed and slapped on a few final coats of paint.

Pur-tty. Like they were never there.

You know what fills an old hinge hole really well? Paint stir sticks from Home Depot. We’ve patched a fair amount of old hinge holes using stir sticks and somehow they are the perfect width and depth. Trim it to height, glue it in the hole, nail it, wood filler, sand it down and BAM! No more old hinge hole.

The door is looking pretty snazzy. We planned on painting the porch on Sunday but it was soooo hot and I was so exhausted. Sunday marked the end of my long summer work schedule, so I’m free, free to work on the house on the weekends again!

Instead of working on anything though we just ended up lounging in the tank pool and watching True Blood.

Even with all the frustration of fixing and patching the front door instead of getting a new one, I’m pretty happy with the result. We have four more doors to install in the back of the house, and we will definitely go the new route. Now finding affordable modern single light glass doors is the new goal.

I can’t wait to landscape, it’s long overdue. The front of the house is looking so sexy that the weeds are kind of like Alexander Skarsgard with a shirt on. Totally ruins the view.

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  1. Shilo on 08/23/2010:

    It really is amazing how big of an impact those little fixes like covering the hinge holes can have on a project. Not to mention your sanity.

    Looking great as usual Morgan, bravo!

  2. Gini on 08/23/2010:

    The house looks GREAT! I have been lurking for awhile now and love love what you’re doing. Re: your modern single light doors – they’re store doors – do you have a decent salvage yard nearby? Best prices on doors I’ve ever found. Good luck!

  3. eileen on 08/23/2010:

    Oh yes! The door, the door. The slat screen. The numbers. But the lawn. The better the house looks the sadder it gets. GREAT work, tho’.

  4. Erin on 08/23/2010:

    Paint sticks! of course…again my hero

  5. julia wheeler on 08/23/2010:

    as if i didn’t already love you enough, the alexander skarsgard comment just signed/sealed/delivered the deal! the door looks awesome… great work!

  6. naomi on 08/23/2010:

    what are the details on the door lock/lever? those are simple and snazzy!

  7. Brismod on 08/23/2010:

    That patch up work on the door frame is flawless. Looks great, as always.

  8. Ryan on 08/23/2010:

    Speaking of the tankpool – how is it going? is it a beeyatch to clean? or do you do the inaugral pool chemical mix into it when you first filled it?

  9. Ryan on 08/23/2010:

    and PS for Alexander Skarsgard fans – assuming of course you know about Generation Kill? I’m in Australia so had to rely on friends handing around the DVDs at the office… so I’m probably WAY late

  10. Catarina on 08/23/2010:

    What a big difference, and much better this way!
    It looks great.

  11. Dan on 08/23/2010:

    1. Door looks amazing, duh.
    2. Entry runner switcheroo? Send me the old one? Great. Why oh why do you find all the great kilims before me? Okay, I’m done whining about it. I’m just going to start winning those ebay auctions, you’ll see.
    3. TRUE BLOOD IS THE FUCKING SHIT THIS SEASON. I intended to cancel my HBO subscription when the season’s done, but Empire Boardwalk is my new favorite thing in the world and it hasn’t even started.

  12. Phrej on 08/23/2010:

    “The front of the house is looking so sexy that the weeds are kind of like Alexander Skarsgard with a shirt on. Totally ruins the view.” Genius!

  13. Tina on 08/23/2010:

    The front door looks great!
    Love the butterfly chairs in the living room. Have two of them here at home but not in leather.
    Have a good day!

  14. Aracely on 08/23/2010:

    lovin’ the new front door..good riddance to the old screen door. If I had money to throw around, I’d send you the Bullet planter from DWR as a housewarming gift…..

  15. .amanda. on 08/23/2010:

    that door is really looking fantastic. you motivate me to get moving around my house!

    [I have been enjoying true blood this season! I look forward to it and all its cheesy goodness]

  16. Patti on 08/23/2010:

    Love love love the front door. Who makes the door hardware? Love the handle.

  17. Becky on 08/23/2010:

    Wow, that’s so beautiful. I love the shiny black! Makes such a statement next to the light walls.

  18. lisa mertins on 08/23/2010:

    morgan, you and the boy are my idols. i wonder if there’s a prettier house in hemet, and if your neighbors find you as inspiring as your brickhouse fans do?

  19. HousePet on 08/23/2010:

    looks soooo good!

  20. Bunny Mendelbaum on 08/23/2010:

    You know what? I was on Team Old Screen Door until this post. Now, forget it! The ‘new’ door looks great.

  21. jackie on 08/23/2010:

    me too. I do hope Morgan put that screen door on ebay or Craig’s list cuz it would be great in another place…especially on a lake cottage with a Scandinavian vibe, fending off ‘skiters.
    New door looks amazing. So clean, those lines.

  22. erin@designcrisis on 08/23/2010:

    I was totes set to comment on the sexiness of your door until you mentioned Alexander Skarsgaard and now my brain is all addled…

  23. Beth on 08/23/2010:

    That door is sexy.

  24. Angela on 08/23/2010:

    Thought of you this weekend as I was doing landscaping maintenance. Leave it till dead last. No matter what you do, rocks, drought tolerant, etc. it all needs up keep. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to be working on a real project and instead I’m doing some sort of maintenance on the little landscaping we’ve done. Cause once you’ve spent the money and back killing time getting it to look good the last thing you want is for it to go to pot again. I know it kills you to look at the awful lawn but truthfully it’ll kill you more as you kill a day on weeding, trimming etc. Unless you hire a gardener. Just wanted to relay my experience. Your house continues to kick ass!

  25. Amy on 08/23/2010:

    Love to read about your struggles because it totally motivates me to stop procrastinating because I worry it will make it look worse. You remind me if at first you don’t succeed, bitch about it and try it again!

    Thanks! I love the black door!

  26. Maria on 08/23/2010:

    yes, that door is hot! Totally suits the house.

  27. susan on 08/23/2010:

    oh i just LOVE your house. it is truly spectacular. the tip on using the paint stir sticks is awesome!

  28. amdd on 08/23/2010:

    I know you’re thinking new for the other doors, but there is an affordable alternative to DIY a modern door with a light:

    We were going to do this on our front door, but it was too warped. (We ended up getting buying a flat steel door, which was the cheapest alternative.)

  29. Wow Morgan, that is one sexy door.

    You guys are really making progress!

  30. Alex on 08/23/2010:

    Love the color of the door =)

  31. DWC on 08/24/2010:

    Aracely was reading my mind!!!!! I so agree with the bullet planter comment. The door looks fantastic. Everything is coming along so beautifully. I am new to your site so I have read past posts to catch up and then subscribed and everything is simply wonderful!

  32. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/24/2010:

    Sorry all those on Team screen door. It’s totally firewood. We tore that thing apart, trust me, it was the only option – it was super FUG.

    True Blood is such campy good fun, but that fairy nonsense. Blech. BLECH. Come on.

    The tank is kind of gross. We clean it with a net, but no chemicals yet. We are working on a salt water system – but it’s been too hot to trench out the back yard. We are avoiding that project right now…

  33. jeannette on 08/24/2010:
  34. jeannette on 08/24/2010:

    sorry about that. i keep trying to paste video embed html here and it doesn’t work. maybe this will.

  35. Jason |These Roving Eyes| on 08/24/2010:

    Looks SO good.

  36. Jason |These Roving Eyes| on 08/25/2010:

    Love pictures of houses at night. Beautiful.

  37. Eric on 09/01/2010:

    This is my first time posting on your blog. I just found it and wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing. U recently repainted my front door, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about your adventure. You have me hooked and from this point on I’ll be following your story.

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