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July 15th, 2010

The last major window treatment that needed to be handled is handled. Against all advice I cheaped out and got the Enje roller shade from Ikea. And I’m glad – GLAD.

Besides the window trim needing a bit of a paint touch up you can barely tell the difference. Gotta say I am quite happy with those Enjes. Just wish they made them in wider sizes…

We have been holding off on replacing the two jacked up front living room mini blinds for a couple of years since I knew I wanted something a little shear there. Once the slat screen was built it afforded us enough privacy to allow for the shearer roller shades which in turn let in more light and keep the place feeling bright.

Feels good to have it done…finally. No more crap mini blinds to try and hide in photos!

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  1. alex sunday on 07/15/2010:

    wow, this room looks amazing, particularly the last shot. i love that you’ve tamed the hide with the grey sofa. it gives me hope that i can get away with a similar hide in the bedroom i’ve just painted pale grey.

  2. Rachel Kay on 07/15/2010:

    I love how much light they let in! Those Enjes blinds are fab and look great in the room.
    Everytime I see a photo of your home I swoon!

    Rachel Kay

  3. Kara on 07/15/2010:

    I love this room. Just love it!

  4. akemi on 07/15/2010:

    Like the new arrangement. But I gotta ask….

    Oh Design ADD woman after my own heart, where are your burled wood tables?

  5. Karrey on 07/15/2010:

    I cannot fucking WAIT until I can get rid of every last shred of miniblinds in my house. What is it about windows that makes every single type of decoration inherently expensive? Your shades look fabulous.

  6. Coletta on 07/15/2010:

    1st….WHERE is IGGY? He should be in at least ONE photo!
    2nd…I love these shades. I too have mini-blinds everywhere because it is all I could afford when we moved in..and I so want them gone. Looks like I will have to save a few bucks and take the hour drive to the Burbank IKEA soon!

  7. Jason on 07/15/2010:

    Oh, so good.
    I love all the equally-saturated shades.
    And the level of contrast in that room is literally perfect.

  8. Jenn Ski on 07/15/2010:

    Yay to roller blinds!

  9. Heidi on 07/15/2010:

    Did you cut the roller shades down? They look custom fit.

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/15/2010:

    akemi – that table is still in the den, this is the living room. Yeah, I have lots of grey couches.

  11. Sherry on 07/15/2010:

    This reminds me I need to get some of those roller blinds to replace our mini blinds, which have antiqued themselves to the most disgusting shade of off white/yellow.

    Love your living room, and pine for a coffee table like that. It’s perfect.

  12. Tonia on 07/15/2010:

    yes I love them, it allows for so much light to come in. The only thing that I’m always afraid of the with roller shades is the spring mechanism malfunctioning at some point.

  13. jennifer on 07/15/2010:

    ooo, they are perfect!!

  14. pianoarthur on 07/15/2010:

    …(O.O)… wow!

  15. jamie on 07/15/2010:


  16. Lynn on 07/15/2010:

    so i see everyone on the interwebs love the ENJE blinds. I want to buy some to customize them with my own fabrics. I’ve noticed that ikea sells less $$ blinds as well (ISDANS). from what i can tell the mechanism is the same on them. what is so great about Enje over the others??

  17. amy t on 07/15/2010:

    ahhh, nice! I wouldn’t have considered the roller blinds myself but they look super! don’t you love it when things are done….such satisfaction in crossing off to-do lists.

  18. Coletta on 07/15/2010:

    have to add that i so love that you have a living room AND a den. i miss having a nice room to chill in that is NOT full of tv crap and speakers and wires.
    our new house is too small to use any of the bedrooms as a den/tv room…so all my husbands “sound system” crap is in full view as soon as you walk into our house.
    i HATE it!

  19. stefanie on 07/16/2010:

    While unrelated, that is one seriously fantastic coffee table

  20. dee on 07/16/2010:

    The room looks so good. I’ve always loved the look of butterfly chairs and I’m hoping to get one or two for our Palm Springs condo. However, I have not sat in one for any length of time. Are they comfortable?

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/16/2010:

    Enje’s are just better quality. Compare them in person…you will see.

    I like my butterfly chairs, but there has been debate on how comfortable they are. I think they are fine, the Boy does not agree.

  22. akemi on 07/16/2010:

    Living Room vs. Den, my bad.

  23. Fiona on 07/16/2010:

    Did you sell the Poulsen knock-off pendant?

  24. modernhaus on 07/16/2010:

    Ya, but you coulda put masking tape or human hair over the window and somehow made it look like the best idea ever.

  25. my favorite and my best on 07/17/2010:

    wait am i retarded? what happened to the driftwood coffee table?
    i loved that table in this room…
    is this even the same room?
    where am i?
    what year is it?

  26. kelly on 07/17/2010:

    looking good over and what a boon with the tank! I could totally see it being a lovely goldfish pond too!

  27. Bethany Joy on 07/19/2010:

    Peep my blog, I jumped on the Enje bandwagon. Only took me 15 minutes to realize the paper was a template hah.

  28. Craftmatic on 07/20/2010:

    The furnishings are one of a kind. I’m just wondering why the bedroom was not featured here?

  29. Dan on 07/24/2010:

    Can I ask a dumb question? Okay, I will: Did you hang the brackets from the tops of the window casings or the sides? I guess they can go either way and I want mine to look as good as yours, duh.

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