Stock Tank Pool

June 28th, 2010

The clever and talented Lily from bigBANG studio just posted about an impromptu swim party in Joshua Tree at a friends large live stock tank pool. I’m dying. DYING.

The Brick House is only a short drive away from Joshua Tree and I am desperate to know where these stylish folks  found this tall galvanized water storage tank, how they added that sweet custom ladder and what kind of filtration system they are using. So many logistical questions! So hot and in need of our own livestock pool with a killer deck and better views to lounge in.

This baby puts our own livestock tank pool plans to shame.

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  1. natasha on 06/28/2010:

    yes yes yes

  2. ModFruGal on 06/28/2010:

    Time to make some new friends….that is perfect…and very much like the one I was talking about before…GO!

  3. charli on 06/28/2010:

    Coincidentally I just ‘favorited’ this a few days ago:

    That might have some info you are looking for. Theirs looks very cool. Sounds to me like tractor supply may be the place to look. or some similar supply store.

  4. Jen@BloggersAbode on 06/28/2010:

    Wow- how gorgeous are those pics? You can do that with your eyes closed!! Go swim!! Your’s will be fab as well. I have no doubts.

  5. pam on 06/28/2010:

    As it’s too deep for actualy livestock to drink from, it might be a custom-fabricated short grain silo (sans roof). Silos are made from corrugated like that.

  6. pam on 06/28/2010:


  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/28/2010:

    I think it’s a water storage tank…for like storing water…maybe. I’m not sure! I really want to know.

  8. Firda on 06/28/2010:

    It does look like one of these galvanized, corrugated water tanks:

    I want one, too! Though I doubt I could afford it.

  9. Stephanie on 06/28/2010:

    I was going to say it was a Silo/water tank without the extra rings & roof!

  10. jd on 06/29/2010:

    wowza, that whole set up looks pretty sweet.

    i know wendy and her man over at holy scrap hot springs also used a tank that i was admiring awhile back, but it was smaller, like the one you found and for their hot spring… lucky them. wish i had the direct link…

    here is a photo…

    cannot wait to see your pool. i need all the inspiration i can get, since the i crave is like $6,000.

    also, you may want to think about dumpsters. i was at this place last year and it was pretty rad…

    good luck!

  11. jeannie on 06/29/2010:

    wow awesome.
    have you seen the pools at hotel basico – also great.

  12. John on 06/29/2010:

    I want one too. I want to make a hot tub out of a smaller one! (One Day)

  13. Tonia on 06/29/2010:

    I’m sure a tractor store or feed store would be of some assistance with the livestock pool, and I’m sure that it’s the same filtration set up as an above ground pool.

  14. alex sunday on 06/29/2010:

    good god, that is awesome.

  15. pam on 06/29/2010:

    Look at the rim. It’s a distinct single edge with a curved piece bolted to it. Stock tanks/water storage tanks have an integral lip–the wall of metal is curved back on itself to make the lip. And they don’t tend to be corrugated; with some corrugations, yes, but not totally corrugated. In these pics you can also see joints where sheets were attached, and in the distance photo, you can see where the top row is a different color than the bottom–approx the width of a sheet of corrugated metal. Nothing about these photos suggests to me that this is a prefab unit.

  16. ella on 06/29/2010:

    Looks like a water storage tank. Could be pricey but I like it!

  17. Andrea on 07/02/2010:

    I’m sure that someone has probably put you in touch with Steve and Glen who’s pool that is, but if not email me and I can give you their contact info. They had it fabricated in Los Angeles and as I remember the price was pretty reasonable (compared to a full fledged pool at least). Also I’m guessing that perhaps you saw my stock tank pool when you were in Joshua Tree visiting Jill and TK – I can also give you the lowdown on that setup if you are still interested in the shorty version (it is probably one tenth the cost of the big boy).

  18. Christina on 07/06/2010:

    Oh I hope you’ll post more about this when you find out… I’m fascinated…wondering if it is actually cheaper than a pool!?

  19. This Time Now on 07/22/2010:

    I really love the look on that dog’s face.

    This is one great blog.

    Felicia, This Time Now

  20. LAB on 07/22/2010:

    I love the industrial look it has. Reminds me of some of our bolted water tanks!

  21. red on 08/15/2010:

    if you go this route, you might think to have the inside pro-sprayed with a truck-bed liner once you get the plumbing locations worked out and drilled. it should help with corrosion and slippage (and maybe even heat). we’ve been thinking about a similar setup. i wandered onto endless pool’s site and found this intriguing (minus the old people):

    it’s a bit deeper than a stock tank which is nice (and it has a to-code cover — something to think about) and it’s more of a proper “pool” with a non-corrosive liner. then again, your link to BHtank is something i might have to chase down.

  22. Kristin Lewis on 04/26/2011:

    I love the tank pool idea!! Thank you.

    I think you need a wall hanging succulent garden for your backyard. Super easy to make and really cool. Check out my blog ( for instructions and I would be more than happy to help you along the way!! I would not advise taking on the 7’x4′ Grid that I built. It took a lot of succulents!

  23. Julia on 03/09/2013:

    We just bought a place in JT and we are wondering what has anyone found out about the swimming pool/ tank. I just wrote an inquiry to BH Tank, we’re waiting to hear their suggestions and prices. Has anyone here researched the pool idea? I’d be interested in any swimming pool ideas, I have never had a pool, but feel in JT, I will want one in the summer. I would love info on conventional swimming pools made to look like a desert oasis as well.

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