Kitchen Chairs

June 21st, 2010

OK. The kitchen chair issue got solved.

I procured these fine babies off the same stylish fellows who supplied the new kitchen light. Holla!

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  1. maya on 06/21/2010:


  2. Fat Cat on 06/21/2010:

    They are gorgeous and look wonderful in your kitchen ! Is there a designer name behind them ?

  3. Sue on 06/21/2010:

    I loved the white faux bamboo ones…but these are absolutely be-u-ti-ful!

  4. anne b. on 06/21/2010:


  5. tx Sarah on 06/21/2010:

    I love that painting. Is it a print or an original? Do you know its deal?

  6. Patti on 06/21/2010:

    Wow those are awesome. Who are these stylish fellows? Do you know who the designer is for the kitchen light they gave you/

  7. Jason on 06/21/2010:


  8. jamie on 06/21/2010:

    i am masochistic and want to know what you paid for them.

  9. jessie on 06/21/2010:

    What TX Sarah said — I love that painting.
    (Love the chairs, too, natch.)

  10. erin@designcrisis on 06/21/2010:

    Moller chairs, right?

    I just sold a busted up set of six knock off mollers along with a matching table for a fair amount of money.

    Super score!

  11. Callista on 06/21/2010:

    Those are beautiful!

    I really loathe chair shopping. It’s so hard to find beautiful, unique chairs. That being said, vintage seems to be the way to go.

  12. Jackie on 06/21/2010:

    Terribly beautiful.
    If the neighbors only knew…

  13. modernhaus on 06/21/2010:

    Oh, look at you all grown up with outdoor lights and designer chairs!! We’re so proud of you….
    And yeah, where are you getting your paintings? Your talented students? They look contemporary-not thrifted. Are you witholding sources from us??

  14. Christina Diaz on 06/21/2010:

    Those chairs are AWESOME!

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/21/2010:

    The painting is by Skyler Brickley – I traded him at a residency years go. Had it forever and it is still one of my favs.

    I guess these are designed by Niels Møller, manufactured by J.L. Møller – thanks Erin. Picked them up for $50.

    I’m not sure who designed the light…

  16. scored! awesome find, they’re perfect.

  17. amy t on 06/22/2010:

    only 50!? …..i just passed out a little

  18. justine on 06/22/2010:

    Huba, Huba those are lovely

  19. Bethann on 06/23/2010:

    beautiful score

  20. Martin on 06/24/2010:

    Great price on the chairs.. There’s a set of 6 available locally for $745… which is still a great price.. Wish I had the space for them in my Apt.. but my Hans Olsen dining set works well for that..

  21. Dorazia Silverman on 06/27/2010:

    I see paint by numbers???

  22. shanna on 06/28/2010:

    those chairs are absolute perfection!

  23. jokemijn on 07/28/2010:

    beautiful! they make me dream of new chairs 🙂

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