HUNK of Burly Love

June 22nd, 2010

Remember when I went all bonkers on that Craigslist guy and his stupid driftwood tables? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for some of those chunky organic looking burl wood root coffee tables for awhile now and finally scored. On Craigslist of course, different guy though.

We immediately had to take them outside for a good scrub down. Both were chock full of years of dust and dog hair, a snickers wrapper, push pins, and gum. Yuck.

BTW, these things weigh a fucking ton. I almost passed out trying to get it out of my car with The Boy, saw stars and everything, and skinned up my forearms pretty good. Great vintage always comes with pain! Speaking of pain, this Craigslist guys wife just kept yammering in my ear about kids clothes and her sister and their impending bankruptcy the entire time we were there, like one long LOUD ass run-on sentence. TMI bi-otch. I’ve had a run of a few pretty painful Craigslist visit lately, just another reminder of the crazies out and about in the Inland Empire.

It’s so hard to photograph these things. The den is like a vortex for bad photos since the space is awkwardly laid out and dim to boot. The weird curvy glass is reflecting all horrible and driving me bananas. I kind of want a square piece of glass for this thing and I’m thinking the cowhide rug is not working so well, plus I kind of am starting to hate those shelves. Now I gotta rethink this WHOLE room. Jesus Christ.

I liked the Eames elliptical table we had in the den before, but that thing is so goddamn low. How do people do it? I got tired of needing to crunch my whole body into a yoga ball every time I wanted to set down a drink.

When I talked to the Craigslist guy on the phone I originally asked just about the coffee table. He had it listed and languishing at $250 for a month. Of course I asked if he would be willing to negotiate on the price of the coffee table and he stated that he pretty much just wanted these beasts out of his house. We agreed to sell both tables to me for $100, even though I didn’t really have a place for or want the side table, but, I did take it off his hands in the end.

I stuck the side table in the pit that is our master bedroom to function as a temporary nightstand. We sold almost everything out of that bedroom and now need to redecorate, so you know that big plans are a-brewing! Too bad my sketch-up plan for it crashed and didn’t save and now I gotta start all over like a stupid jerk that doesn’t save a few hours worth of work…

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  1. Ana on 06/22/2010:

    Nice, My Dad has one with a solid top and damned if I don’t fuse my shin to it every time I’m there.

    Watch out for your toes!

  2. Stephanie on 06/22/2010:

    DOOOOOOOOOD those are so awesome! I’m totally living vicariously through you and your finds, since my boyfriend veto’s everything I like. I swear I’m going to get my own apartment right beside ours and live in there by myself with all the awesome shit he doesn’t let me buy. kidding…. kind of.

  3. Fiona on 06/22/2010:

    Sorry you nearly passed out though probably just as well you weren’t fully conscious cleaning them up. Uurrgh. I love the shapes of the driftwood and cow skin rug together but defer to your flawless taste. Definitely with square glass.

  4. Fat Cat on 06/22/2010:

    What, what, you didn’t sell your gorgeous bedframe???? Did you? Oh nooooo !!!!

    Not sure what to think of the new coffee & side tables. Interesting?!

  5. alex sunday on 06/22/2010:

    you’re changing your master bedroom?! i’ve been drooling over it for the past week, trying to figure out if i should get a replica bed made and where the hell i can get an equally beautiful bedspread from! i am in shock….

  6. Tonia on 06/22/2010:

    You have my mind going….. the table looks fabulous in your living room. BTY, what keywords did you use searching for this table?

  7. Deborah on 06/22/2010:

    You have made me miss with fervor a coffee table my wasband made me when we were dating. It was a piece of wood twice or thrice the size of a railroad tie and then he gave it billions of coats of poly. You could slide a beer from end to end. Aaaah I miss that table!

  8. Amy on 06/22/2010:

    I had the same thought as FAT CAT. Say it isn’t so on the bedframe.

    I like those shelves in the den…shipping to Michigan?

    Thought on your next cleaning out sale – cuz we know you will accumulate more and then want a change which is why we tune in every day…what if you sell the stuff as a room combo. I would totally buy your living room…second job here I come!

  9. Jean on 06/22/2010:

    Love love love those tables. And not that the glass doesn’t look great, but you don’t have to use glass. Marble? Since you like killing yourself by moving furniture. Or metal of some kind. So the gnarliness of them lurks.

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/22/2010:

    We sold the bed! I know. Crazy.

    The bedroom is getting a modern update. I hope….

    I searched driftwood to find the tables, since a lot of folks call them that for some reason.

  11. Sue on 06/22/2010:

    Ugh, I loved that bed (especially at 200 bucks, I wouldn’t be able to find one for anywhere near that low of a price)…it was so cool and what I thought was modern??? and now I am on the hunt for a similar light fixture as you now have in your kitchen….ah well, you have impeccable taste, I’m sure the next bedroom will be even better

  12. Mike on 06/22/2010:

    Great post. Like the way the tables turned out, even though they’re not our type of thing.

    Stop b…ing about lighting we all have that problem, unless you live in an all-glass house, which can present it’s own type of problems.

    And, yes, crazies do abound in the I.E. when it comes searching for goodies, but that’s all part of the fun, even though it’s sometimes a pain the…!

    BTW we we’re at the sale and enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately we one of the first there and it was a bit too hectic to have a conversation.

    Thanks to you and “the boy” we’re considering starting our own blog about the treasures and traveties of finding furnishings and reno’ing our 50’s rambler in Redlands.

  13. pam on 06/22/2010:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can’t believe you sold that gorgeous bed! And not to me!

  14. ModFruGal on 06/22/2010:

    Score! I would have taken both no matter what too…I kinda like the schmoo shape of the glass against the boxy couch!

  15. erin@designcrisis on 06/22/2010:

    You sold your bed?!!!!

    Now I’m on pins and needles, waiting for what’s next. I bet it’s going to be magnificent.

  16. dantimdad on 06/22/2010:

    I will definitely buy those shelves if you take them down!

    Nice score on the tables!

  17. Alex S on 06/22/2010:

    I have to admit, unless its Nakashima I’m not a huge fan of the tree stump tables. What you’ve done with them is nice, I’m just not a huge fan.

  18. libby/theblogbloglog on 06/22/2010:

    You know, I feel you on not being sure about the table with the cow hide. It’s not like it’s not working tho — maybe it is the dbl brown? IDK… but also, burl automatically makes me think of Intervention. Some addict crawled all over dangerous spots to find burl to sell. He was both addicted to whatever drug and also burl.

  19. Airika on 06/23/2010:

    Looks like chunky giant poo

  20. jd on 06/23/2010:

    i capital L capital O capital V capital E what you do with your place pretty much all of the time – and you know, i don’t use capitals much… but i am just not feeling the aesthetic of these tables. i like rustic and modern and eclectic, but these… not feeling. i understand about the low coffee table thing, that is annoying, but i feel a better solution lurking on the horizon. could these maybe be reborn outside somewhere? also, dim? oh yeah, maybe that is southern california dim or you just did a long time exposure, but here in nyc it looks like bright light to me… i.e. “boy, you and ‘the boy’ don’t know from dim.” she said as she wagged her finger in the air.

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2010:

    that’s a whole hell of a lot of photoshop. The illusion of light.

    I gotta break up this mid century monotony! I’m feeling so 70’s / minimalist / commune / bachelor pad right now.

  22. kate @ undeniable style on 06/23/2010:

    love this room. that table is just perfect. 🙂

  23. Steph Browne on 06/23/2010:

    Okay, just discovered your blog during the sale….you are hilarious!!! Loved this post, especially your trucker mouth. 😀 Isn’t it funny how one lovely piece can make a whole room go a funk and need re-doing all around that new piece?! Heading to the dessert this weekend from SD, what decor/thrift places do you recommend to check out?

  24. Judie Updike on 06/23/2010:

    Love the glass on the burl, straight lines just wouldn’t cut it. You are one of my favorite blogs so I just have to ask about the placement of that painting of the blonde haired girl? What gives?

  25. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2010:

    What do you mean? Cause she is high?

    The wainscoting is what gives.

  26. Suzy8track on 06/23/2010:

    Wow, the NEW coffee table looks great! I don’t know how you managed with that other table being down so low to the ground. This new table is much more functional.

  27. Andrea on 06/23/2010:

    I agree, the driftwood table doesn’t work with the cow skin. looks a bit chaotic. did you think about putting the small one in front of the couch? the big one is really massive…

  28. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2010:

    the small one is too small, I really think it’s the top that makes it look huge – the base isn’t as big as the top and I think it may just new a new less swirly top.

    maybe I need a new couch.

  29. hello on 06/24/2010:

    Keep the calfskin rug, it’s great. the problem is its natural curves clash with the clumsy and not very elegant curves of the glass. The awesome thing to do would be a rectangular glass top with almost zero overhang: ie, its edges line up with the rectangular plan of the burly base: the whole thing would then be more sculptural, stay useful, and not clash with the rug.
    Interesting dilemma: balancing the clarity of the Eames/50s/60s “midcentury modern” with other dreams like the 70s bachelor heaven. You could be like Elvis at Graceland and have theme rooms…
    thanks, great read.

  30. UNI on 06/24/2010:

    nice work on the burl score. i was hunting for one for quite some time….until i ran into a mirrored coke table. it’s kept me busy ever since.

  31. ella on 06/28/2010:

    OMG! I love them!
    My ex MIL had one. When I found out my exhusband was going to sell it at a garage sale I offered to buy it. He said no.
    Ass. I plotted to have a friend go buy it for me but then changed my mind.

  32. Livi on 06/30/2010:

    I hate those tables!

  33. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/01/2010:

    I hate you!

  34. Livi on 07/02/2010:

    Way to share the love!

    From the comments above, I am not the only one.

  35. Coletta on 07/03/2010:

    FYI: just spotted a burl coffee table for sale on craigslist. Here is the link if anyone is wanting one.

  36. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/04/2010:


  37. TexanNewYorker on 02/08/2011:

    We own a gorgeous burl wood coffee table. PLEASE tell me how you cleaned yours — every time I think I’ve gotten all the dust out of the hundreds of tiny crevices, I sit back on the couch and find another dusty spot. Oy.

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