Fire Pit

June 23rd, 2010

We busted the cherry on the new fire pit and had a nice little summer evening blaze.

I’m happy to report that the new steel fire pit works much, much, much better than the original version. No cracks, no crumbling, this thing is going to last forever.

Although it is progressing, I’m frustrated to report that we are still not done painting. This whole painting business is seriously taking forever. Most of the the garage is fully painted so the back patio is looking more and more finished, especially with the new exterior light. Maybe it’s time to start thinking seriously about patio furniture…or a pool.

I’m desperate for four butterfly chairs with black mesh exterior slings to circle the fire pit. That would be fabulous. Too bad Craigslist is coming up dry.

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  1. Phrej on 06/23/2010:

    Ummm… I have fire pit envy! I have a 1930s fixer-upper in the UK which came with a shabby chic (mostly shabby at the moment: so many weeds, so little time) cottage garden so no industrial steel structures for me.

    I love what you are doing to your house and your style is a constant source of inspiration – thank you for sharing.

  2. Ellie on 06/23/2010:

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages and it’s only just occurred to me – don’t you have a day job?! And do you ever do anything that isn’t doing up your house?! Do you eat, for instance, or sleep, or read the papers? How do you manage to keep up a relationship in the very house you are always working on?! Please don’t read these comments wrongly – always hard to convey a tone correctly on the computer – but it really does strike me as quite amazing how much time you are able to give to your project. Really amazing! Well done!

  3. ModFruGal on 06/23/2010:

    I’ve been hunting vintage butterfly frames too….everyone wants high dollar so far…sucky. Pit looks bootiful.

  4. Fat Cat on 06/23/2010:

    Hhhmmmm, cozy ! And I love the reflection of the fire on the inside. If I ever own a garden, I will definitely want one of those.

  5. amy t on 06/23/2010:

    makes me want to throw down a sleeping bag and roast some marshmellows…..awesome!

  6. Lisa on 06/23/2010:

    The fire pit is really rad. Great job!

  7. Anna @ D16 on 06/23/2010:

    I’m sick of leaving the same fawning comments on your blog all the time. Can you please post something hideous that doesn’t make me insanely jealous?

    THANKS. 😉

  8. April on 06/23/2010:

    It looks fabulous, and how great that the new fire pit is working out! You have really inspired me, I am going to show this to my husband tonight and talk him into doing this in our backyard.

  9. Karrey on 06/23/2010:

    Fabulous! So, you don’t have any problems with airflow (or lack thereof) making your fire die down? Before I got a little elevated firepit, I had a homemade one set into the ground, and I just couldn’t keep a fire stoked up.

    Also, don’t feel bad about painting taking forever. We started ours last summer and haven’t finished yet. Meh.

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2010:

    Ellie, yeah – I totally have a job. The Boy has a lot of free time on his hands.

    We live in the boonies with no close friends, so the house is how we keep ourselves busy and entertained. I know it seems nuts, but I still always feel like nothing is getting done – which is totally not true.

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2010:

    Airflow seems good, there is a lot of space around the fire and its all on gravel.

  12. Amy on 06/24/2010:

    Completely unrelated to your (rad!) fire pit: Check this out — a handy tool to drill through brick walls, for, say, dryer vents.

  13. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/24/2010:

    That is handy! And surprisingly timely…

  14. erin@designcrisis on 06/24/2010:

    It looks awesome — the boy has mad welding skillz.

    Now, if it is even half as hot there as it is in Austin, you will drop all other plans and build that pool, stat.

  15. Airika on 06/24/2010:

    Next time I come over we are going to roast some weenies.

  16. Justin on 06/24/2010:

    nice work! looks tight.

  17. Kerry @ just-you-wait on 06/24/2010:

    This looks fantastic. Great job!

  18. Camila F. on 06/24/2010:

    I love those butterfly chairs, they would look amazing around the pit!

  19. bianca on 06/25/2010:

    oh man that fire H O T.
    you did good.
    very good.
    now i have to come over. again. and again. again.

  20. Colleen on 06/25/2010:

    Re: the Black Mesh outdoor butterfly chair slings…I just saw this house tour on AT: and I think they have the slings that you want, too. They bought them at this quirky place here in St. Louis MO called LELu: – so you could maybe email them, and see about shipping. Or let me know. I’m in the area 🙂

    I love all the amazing work you’ve done on your place. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to watch the transformation. You have a no fear attitude that is enviable!

    – Colleen

  21. Myles Henry on 06/25/2010:

    This Fire Pit looks great! I’m really liking the outdoor lights too.

  22. Tonia on 06/27/2010:

    I’m so jealous at this very moment. It looks amazing! Can you give us a tutorial, please? I want this for by back yard, and it’s hot as hell here in Dallas,TX like 104 to be exact

  23. Ashley Weber on 08/04/2010:

    when you find those chairs, ill buy your ikea ones 🙂

  24. christen on 12/17/2013:

    How did you make this fire pit? The link seems to be missing.

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