Slat Screen Finished

April 28th, 2010



The slat screen is about 90% done. I took some pics while the sun was setting and the color seems to appear a little more yellow than it normally does especially compared with the pre-sealing color.

A few small finishing touches, a little sanding, a little more oil and we will be set to move on and start painting the rest of the exterior. We used Penofin Brazilian rosewood oil (an idea gleaned from this redwood deck) to seal and protect the wood from graying and the elements. The redwood does get a lot of protection from the overhang, but we really want to make sure this installation lasts. It’s been working wonders on the late afternoon heat in the living room.

We finally decided to use Amazon Paint in Whipped White (WHIP) in a satin finish. Well I think…we still have to check it out in person.

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  1. Craig on 04/28/2010:

    Looks great. Actually inspired me to do something similar at my house. We’ll see.

  2. Kara on 04/28/2010:

    Totally love it. Just beautiful.

  3. Anna @ D16 on 04/28/2010:

    PERFECT. As always, you amaze me.

  4. d&d on 04/28/2010:

    holy shma shmoly that looks good. you’re a DIY goddess.

  5. tx Sarah on 04/28/2010:

    I want you inside me.

  6. melissa on 04/28/2010:

    i hope the amazon paint works out! we used concrete gray and really like it. it’s definitely light enough that heat absorption would not be an issue. (also, our fence is basically a 187′ version of your slat screen and the paint complements it really nicely.)

  7. Coletta on 04/28/2010:

    we are going to do this to our house too. it is such a pretty idea and it will block out Nosie Nelly, our next door neighbor!

  8. Nosie Nelly on 04/28/2010:

    Looks very nice.

  9. Coletta on 04/28/2010:

    hmmm…nosie nelly..i hope you aren’t MY noise nelly!

  10. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 04/29/2010:

    It’s looking great. I especially love it from that angle in the last shot.

  11. Shayna on 04/29/2010:

    Morgan, it looks fantastic! I’m so glad the Penofin worked out for you. We’ll probably hit our porch up with a second coat later this summer but it’s still looking pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see the white paint. Yes, ours was satin. I checked and forgot to let you know.

  12. Fiona on 04/29/2010:

    KNEW you’d go for the paint instead of the oven. Just in time for barbecue season and wafting around in vintage maxis and massive sunglasses.

  13. Myles Henry on 04/29/2010:

    looks incredible. it adds so much interest to the front of your house its crazy.

  14. jeannette on 07/19/2010:

    awww, you guys, the patio almost brought tears to my eyes and now this. go, you.

  15. Lionel on 09/27/2013:

    Wow!! this look book is just damn fab!!! what a fab collection!! Well done, you are my instirapion 🙂 Cant wait to shop this collection,Im SO feeling the purple dress, ahhhh!!!I am free on Friday, love a cocktail and would love to join you to celebrate the amazing launch of your collection! x

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