February 2nd, 2010

I found this firewood hoop at a local hardware store for about $20. It’s currently holding a sad selection of wood mangled out of the weed tree we cut down before starting the back patio project. It’s about the only exterior addition that has happened in the last few weeks because of the constant unstoppable rain.

The Boy lit the inaugural fire in the newly primed and sealed (we used Rust-Oleum Black High Heat Paint on the interior) fire pit.

The verdict?

No explosions or shrapnel, that the internet warned of – just a little bit of cracking in one section of the mortar. But, with issues in the construction already manifesting this might turn out to be a temporary structure. A little rethinking is looking like it will be necessary.

Now we just need to finish up figuring out the installation of the square cement pavers. And then do it. Ugh.

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  1. maya on 02/02/2010:

    i need 2 of those please!

  2. Bess on 02/02/2010:

    I love that hoop! I thought you were going to say it was some super thrifty find – but the hardware store for 20 bucks, sign me up.

  3. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 02/02/2010:

    Love the hoop. It’s perfect for your yard.

  4. sarah on 02/02/2010:

    this is fantastic, I googled it and found one on Amazon for $32. Its on my wishlist. Its a great addition to your yard.

  5. Jennifer on 02/02/2010:

    That hoop is a larger doppelganger for the one I made in 7th grade metal shop! I was just talking about it the other day…I think my mom sold it in a garage sale. Looks awesome.

  6. stephanie on 02/02/2010:

    Great pit! I like that you painted the inside black. I don’t know if that’s common for a fire pit (maybe it is now that I think about it) but it looks fantastic against the white exterior! The hoop is cool too. I’ve never seen one that big!

  7. emil on 02/02/2010:

    The pit’s nice, but what about casting concrete? Admittedly, I know nothing about this but saw some nice modern fire pits when a googlin one day. They looked to me like regular concrete, but probably have some fireproofing. Maybe there’s a way to make a big ol mold out of wood (like building a boat) and cast what you really want. I want you to do it first so we can learn from your mistakes.

  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/02/2010:

    Emil –
    Yes, it’s always fun for us to screw up handling projects we aren’t qualified for. Oh man, I’m so tired of making mistakes. I’m also tired of being broke.

  9. Sarah on 02/02/2010:

    The coloring of your fence is looking great with all of these whites and grays.

  10. Katie on 02/02/2010:

    why don’t you just cast in place the concrete pavers instead of digging them out? if you put up the forms, shovel out the insides, put in some wire mesh for support you can pour the concrete right inside. think of a reverse cookie cutter. that will save you the P-I-T-A of burying stones. you can leave the forms or remove them once the concrete is cured. if you don’t want them to stick up you can fill in low spots between later. you can email directly if this isn’t clear….

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/02/2010:

    Hmmm. We thought about this…

    We have no experience with casting concrete and the cheaper route worked out to buy premade pavers since the cost of the wood and concrete added up quick. We might try casting the firepit and see how that works out. Yikes.

  12. Darren on 02/03/2010:

    Love the hoop….classic design for a basic purpose.

  13. Shayna on 02/03/2010:

    Glad to hear the fire-pit worked out. We use our outdoor fireplace a ridiculous amount. Many friends have crashed out in front of the fire after a long night…enjoy!

  14. ashley on 02/04/2010:

    seriously awesome.

  15. devon on 02/04/2010:

    Can anyone tell me what hardware store? Or what you searched on Amazon to find it??

    I live in Canada & this would be perfect for our backyard….

  16. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/04/2010:

    I got it at this little hardware store called Village Hardware.

    You can easily find similar ones with a quick google.

  17. This is totally perfect for your project…awesome find.

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