February 12th, 2010

Maya emailed me about a new blanket at Ikea that is super dope.

The Henny!

I want it, it makes my eyes go all wonky with greed. I’m also interested in checking out this for the patio. I’m wondering if I can hack a wood top for it. An exploratory trip to Ikea may be in order.

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  1. Daniel on 02/12/2010:

    Oh that is a nice blanket. Dope indeed.

  2. Fat Cat on 02/12/2010:

    That one is definitely going on my Ikea shopping list. And I have feeling it will make it all the way to check-out…

  3. Katja on 02/12/2010:

    I just blogged about this blanket the other day, I NEED it! So, a trip to Ikea next weekend.. 🙂

  4. UNI on 02/12/2010:

    oh shit. i really didn’t need to see this………

  5. lisa on 02/12/2010:

    damn you, Ikea

  6. Myles on 02/12/2010:

    Damn that blanket is so good.

  7. Ana on 02/12/2010:

    I saw it the other day, I wish I had an extra $40 to blow on it…

  8. jen on 02/12/2010:

    darn you!! I bought one today…and a sheepskin…and some cute cacti…in some white containers! Good thing I didn’t trust the stock list from the website…it was Hennys galore!

  9. youhavebeenheresometime on 02/12/2010:

    nice! might have to go pick one of these up too! are we all clones?

  10. Kati on 02/12/2010:

    I hope to build my own outdoor table this summer. I already have the wood top and I think I will spring for Ian Maclean’s stainless steel hairpin legs. However, I’m also looking at the Ikea VIKA table legs (LERBERG, RÖRBY, or MOLIDEN). But I’m sure that the hairpin legs would hold a heavier load. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how you do your table! By the way, instead of moving to Arizona to escape the snow, you could always move to Austin! Still loving your blog….

  11. Valeria on 02/13/2010:

    Although I’m not too crazy about the print, I like the colors and pretty sure it would look great in our bedroom. Funny how you can find individual pieces that you don’t “dig” so much on their own, but look great with something else or overall. Hmm, it’s starting to grow on me now haha. Thanks for sharing!

  12. maya on 02/13/2010:

    oh, my pics are so bad.. sorry!
    its actually very soft, we love it here ….
    i wish i was in PS right now…!!!

  13. Melody on 02/14/2010:

    Saw this at ikea yesterday. It is pretty awesome!

  14. Christine on 02/16/2010:

    I was just thinking how much I wish I could have the insanely priced equinox blanket from swan island blankets. The ikea one is kind of similar, and for $1450 less it’s a steal.

  15. sarah on 02/17/2010:

    loves! i need to make an ikea run very soon, and i need a new throw blanky, perfection!

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