And then…

February 10th, 2010

…I got stuck in the snow.

I hate you El Niño.

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  1. Eliane on 02/10/2010:

    You secretly love El NIno. What’s not to love? Weather, weather, roads blocked and impassable, more weather — and great pictures!

  2. Juli on 02/10/2010:

    Jeeze, you guys really are getting it. Snow in California? I thought people moved there to get away from snow. Today is the first time I have seen snow in ages, and it is keeping people out of the shop. Love snow, not a fan right now…

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/10/2010:

    Oh, it’s been way too much weather for California. I’m done.

  4. pianoarthur on 02/10/2010:

    If the top photos were taken from inside your vehicle…. you should get your windshield repaired… ’cause it’s a 24hr fix-it ticket if you get stopped for it… just thought you’d like a heads-up on that.

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/10/2010:

    It’s been about four years with that crack, I’ve been fighting with the dealer about it for about that long as well…

  6. Cristian on 02/11/2010:

    You want scandinavian design, not scandinavian weather…

  7. Amy on 02/14/2010:

    I love the last photo with the muted color, red truck w/ brake lights, orange rocks topped with snow to the right…but I am in Michigan so I gotta deal somehow!

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