January 6th, 2010


Time Travel! Waaaaaaay back to the beginning of the battle with the weeds. Not much has changed in the past few years…

DSC06328 copy DSC06360 copy

We started clearing out and redoing the side yard in continuation of 2010 Year of the Exterior. The plan is to install a small fire pit and gridded cement paver patio area as well as create a planter area out of the wacky pony wall.

Here is my rad plan below. I know, it’s just a garbage map, but hey this is fledgling landscape design (I have illustrator and this shit is hard).

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The big circles are trees, the little ones? I don’t know maybe some feathergrass or kangaroo paw, maybe a cactus thrown in here and there.

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What we did:

-Remove tree stump.
-Add dirt.
-Level it out.

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-Stake down about 400 sq.ft of geotextile fabric.

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-Shovel more gravel.

-lots more.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Still to do:

-MORE gravel
-Level it out
-Build fire pit
-Install landscape edging
-Install cement pavers
-Clean out debris
-New fence
-Figure out the rest of the yard
-Plant some stuff

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  1. Ashley on 01/06/2010:

    oh la la, redesign in progress!

  2. on 01/06/2010:

    When you mentioned cement pavers, it reminded me of this kickass planter idea I recently found on Apartment Therapy:

    Modern DIY Outdoor Planter

    It's amazing what can be done with 12" cinder blocks and liquid nails. I could totally picture this in your backyard, complete with mini garden gnomes hiding amongst the foliage. It could even be used for herbs! Or bird seed! But not both, because you know those dirty little buggers would poop all over the parsley.

  3. 2 By Design on 01/06/2010:

    Ohhh holy design heaven. I just found your blog (thanks to emmas designblogg) and I'm SO excited to snoop around. My grandfather was a mid century modern architect in Palm Springs and buying and renovating a home such as yours is a HUGE goal of mine!

  4. krisel keeper on 01/06/2010:

    love the plans! you guys work hard and fast! amazing. So…just a little heads up with kangaroo paws… I love them but they're finicky little buggers. Test with one or two as you place them around. My neighbor and I have found they do amazing in the afternoon sun, not so much in the morning sun. And they are expensive but its not worth buying the smaller ones. Bigger more established paws take off much better. They're beautiful! Good luck. Just wanted to give you my experience with them after buying and killing about 10 of them!

  5. modfrugal on 01/06/2010:

    like the new banner…and don't think I'm not going to be watching to see where that rad lounger shows up next!

  6. S@sha on 01/06/2010:

    You have done so much physical labor already! Wow. Now the design and planting phase should be fun!

    A tip for the plant design phase– group plants by water usage. Drip irrigation is easy to install, but some plants like cactus really only need to be watered a little initially so that they establish, and then basically never. Meanwhile most other xeric plants need different levels of watering. Usually the irrigation timer is zoned, and you can set the zones for different watering schedules. Trees have varying water needs too, and they need regular watering. Especially in the desert! (I'm a landscape designer in an arid climate and you'd be amazed at how many people plant trees and then don't water, and can't figure out why they all die. Which sucks for them since trees are expensive!)

  7. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 01/07/2010:

    I got tired just reading this post. I have Illustrator and opened it exactly once. To see what it was about and to decide I was too old and lazy to learn how to use it. I'm looking forward to the Year of the Exterior.

  8. project whore on 01/07/2010:

    Bet you got a good nights rest after moving all that gravel around. Sweet new masthead!

  9. Suzanne on 01/07/2010:

    LOVE the blog. If you haven't already, can I suggest looking into Australian natives (you kindof have, I think (kangaroo paw))? they exist on no water at all and some are pretty batshit insane and awesome. I think the climate must be pretty similar.
    (image search for "australian plants and flowers" proves my point)

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