December 30th, 2009


According to the totally masochistic Bromeliad wrap-up of the AT Homies this here old bloggity made it to number 11. Also, I am a Big Boy.

The Big Boys

217 younghouselove.com
197 remodelista.com

195 doorsixteen.com
184 decor8blog.com
171 makingitlovely.com

132 retrorenovation.com

129 desiretoinspire.net
126 brooklynlimestone.com

122 allthebestblog.com

97 chezlarsson.com

96 trickmybrick.blogspot.com

And I’m the only one retarded enough to have a web address that:

A. Is a joke and not the actual blog title. How anyone could find me is a mystery.
B. Is STILL at a goddamn blogspot blogger address and not my very own real url.

Slacker. Total internet slacking.

The story BTW about my joke blog address is this:

The Boy watches a show called “Trick My Truck”. Seriously. On CMT. Whatever, I watch some stupid shiz too. I started the blog while camping out at my sisters house waiting for the actual Brick House to close escrow. It was done on a whim to document our first home renovation shenanigans and I didn’t really think the whole thing through…

So here we are. A blog I thought maybe my family would read is now a “shelter blog”. Just so weird.

Thanks everyone for reading this crap and for all your comments, suggestions and support.
It’s been invaluable as we’ve gone through this whole house thing for the first time.

And as calbona noted I’m the “best” so I’m going to try a little harder to live up to that.

*An aside, the boy went through everyone’s comments (which were AWESOME) about the blog on the Homie’s page and was like “Your not witty or funny, just wait till all these people meet you in person. They’ll see.” Ahhhhhh, love.

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  1. Leah@storybookranch on 12/30/2009:

    ahhh..I didn't recognize your URL or I would have voted for sure…

  2. david john on 12/30/2009:


  3. sarah on 12/30/2009:

    I like the URL. For me, domain names seem snooty and make everything seem more distant.

  4. googiemel on 12/30/2009:

    i voted for ya~!! sorry you didn't quite make the cut!

  5. g/d on 12/30/2009:

    WOW!!!! Way to do a bang up job on the old this here blog.

    You're making me motivated to actually tackle my weird yard, so maybe that's your consolation prize? Not much, I know.

  6. Anna at D16 on 12/31/2009:

    How in the hell I ranked so high is beyond me. Actually, how in the hell I wound up with more than three people reading my blog is beyond me.

    Can I take a moment to point out that you and I are among a verrrrry small number of Big Boyz without any advertising?

    (I haven't decided who to vote for yet, but I have definitely decided who NOT to vote for.)

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/31/2009:

    Dude, whatev's those bitches love you. I'm ad-free by default. I didn't want the responsibility of it all or to feel weird about what I post.

    Ad's are a big pain in the ass.

    BTW – how do you not vote for yourself? I'm shameless and would totally do it.

  8. brand-eye on 01/04/2010:

    congratulations! i always enjoy seeing what amazing deals you find.

  9. Down and Out Chic on 01/08/2010:

    so exciting, congrats and well deserved.

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