Holler Homies

December 23rd, 2009

I know I signed off and all but I just had to step back in and mention that I got a little surprise nomination over at Apartment Therapy 2009 Homies showdown. Thanks dudes, I’m all flattered and shiz.

If you’d like to favorite The old Brick House, I won’t stand in your way. Also, if you want to check out my growing favorite list please do so here.

But why you ask was I so distracted not to notice this radness? Hint Hint:

DSC06170 copy

Is that a f*cking tractor? Oh hell yeah.

Hmmmmm, what kind of tractor worthy projects could be happening ’round Casa de la Brick?

Happy Holidays!

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  1. tula@whorange on 12/23/2009:

    congrats, lovely. you are on my AT homies favorite list! xoxo

  2. lisa mertins on 12/23/2009:

    driveway, hooray!

  3. Holyoke Home on 12/23/2009:

    Can't see effing photo. Voted 'Brick' for fancy award!

  4. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 12/23/2009:

    Tractor work….right on.

  5. Veruca on 12/24/2009:

    For the mind-bendingly awesome chandelier you should win a Nobel. You got my Homie vote fo'sho'.

  6. Patricia Ann on 12/24/2009:


    Obsessed with your damn blog.

  7. Anonymous on 12/25/2009:

    we want more! we want more!

  8. Tendo on 12/27/2009:
  9. Jill @ lune vintage on 12/28/2009:

    You were ripped. This is the coolest blog ever. I'm pretty good at finding the best thrift store goods, but you are #1. I love you terribly. XO and keep on keeping on in 2010!

  10. david john on 12/28/2009:

    awesome! you got my vote!

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/29/2009:

    Yeah, why am I not winning? Foiled again!!!
    I did get a lot of votes which I think makes me pretty cool.

    Next year, next year.

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