November 27th, 2009


What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

This painting. Of my mom. From the 80’s.


This painting used to be a full body portrait and has moved with my mother to many houses over the years. It’s the one painting she has that I’ve always loved and the whole family has always HATED. I think it’s hilarious, and captures that stern no shit look my mom always wore (and I unfortunately inherited) perfectly.


I finally asked my mom if I could have it and she couldn’t wait to push it on me and out of her house saying “just don’t post it on your blog with all the bad art”.

Thanks Mom!

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  1. Elizabeth on 11/27/2009:

    ah, I *love* this. I have a painting of my dad as a 3 year old that was done in the '50s hanging in my dining room – when I asked for it my mom said something along the lines of "well, I'm never going to hang it up in my house!" Their loss.

  2. Anonymous on 11/28/2009:

    I'd love to see it near your white sofa with red and purple solid colored pillows! (In the garage-turned-partyroom!)

  3. Anonymous on 11/28/2009:

    Or on the wall at the end of the kitchen where the breakfast nook and two chairs are–and with a deep red rug on the kitchen floor.

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Boy, and your family! Your mom must be awesome.

  4. krisel keeper on 11/28/2009:

    OMG thats too funny. Well, at least you're the one who got the good taste. Always one in the family.

  5. Airika on 11/28/2009:

    omg I loooove that painting! Long before I ever met your mom I was fearful of her coming home while I was at your house all because of that painting. Then I met her and she was as nice as could be.

    It totally fits into your house perfectly.

  6. celia on 11/28/2009:

    The pics of your painting seem to be banned in Dubai. Thought you might find that amusing…

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/28/2009:

    Weird….I wonder why. It's just a pretty standard portrait.

  8. maya on 11/28/2009:

    i LOVE it!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous on 11/29/2009:

    Amazing! The colors are great and how sweet that it's your mom, does it get any better than that?

  10. Anonymous on 11/29/2009:

    The painting is AWESOME! It reminds me of a Keninde Wiley portrait. I would most happy to have something like this at my home, and that it's a painting of your mother makes it that much more bitchin'!!!!!!!

  11. Kate on 11/30/2009:

    um, AWESOME! My grandparents have a painting of them from the 70s that I desperately want someday, but I don't know how to ask them because they will think it's incredibly bizarre that I want it. I can just imagine the conversation with my grandpa now…

  12. Bianca on 11/30/2009:


  13. brand-eye on 11/30/2009:

    wow, that painting is really awesome! i also have a will-take-no-shit face that i inherited from my mom.

  14. K on 12/04/2009:

    Are you kidding?!! That painting is unbelievable! Amazing that you have it.

  15. decor8 holly on 12/24/2009:

    This is a gorgeous painting. I cannot believe it wasn't adored by your family, but I'm glad for your sake that it wasn't because you got it and it looks great in your place. Sweet.

  16. maison21 on 12/27/2009:

    I finally asked my mom if I could have it and she couldn't wait to push it on me and out of her house saying "just don't post it on your blog with all the bad art".

    i think i just fell a little in love with you.

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