November 30th, 2009



I found a place for the new Albers litho above the fireplace. It still needs to be hung, but I think it’s groovy leaning there for now. I’m kind of toying with the idea of painting the wall behind the fireplace dark to match the actual color of the fireplace (Now I’m all in love with dark accent walls – I know I’m such an asshole) and installing a raw edge cedar wood slab mantel.

This decorating crap never ends.

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  1. brismod on 11/30/2009:

    It does look good. I read the comments about the bright white vs accent wall. You obviously touched a nerve in blogland. Funny, though.

  2. thevioletpear on 11/30/2009:

    Just finished painting all the walls in our bedroom down pipe and I am love love loving it. Go for the dark wall – everything looks so good against dark walls! Amazing thrift find btw!

  3. thevioletpear on 11/30/2009:

    Quick question, what did you end up doing for the fireplace vents? Buying new ones? Painting the old ones? I just took two ugly brass vents off the front of our brick fireplace, and now they are just black holes.

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/30/2009:

    I ended up just painting them the same color. They used to be white and bugged, but after they got painted I don't even notice them.

  5. Anonymous on 11/30/2009:

    ach, miss brick, don't do it! the visual boundary between a black wall and a white ceiling will make your ceiling seem lower and the whole room seem smaller. i think signature color walls work in bedrooms because most of the time, you're looking the other way, out from the bed…

    as for the fireplace, lose the mantel, but there's no reason to replace it; just let the masonry alone, that would be so much more palm-springs-meets-palm-beach… sneakily cover or seal over the top if need be so you can lean and display stuff up there, but don't do an overhanging mantel or lid, it will not look as good!!!

    the albers is outstanding.

  6. meg on 11/30/2009:

    damn that planter is fly.

  7. ingrida on 12/03/2009:

    looks good!!!
    question – what type of coffee table do you have/who is the designer/manufacturer? and where did you find it?

  8. ingrida on 12/03/2009:

    looks good!!!
    question – what type of coffee table do you have/who is the designer/manufacturer? and where did you find it?

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/03/2009:

    Here is the story on the coffee table. I think it was custom made, there are no manufacturing details just handwritten notes on the bottom listing the type of wood and dimensions.

  10. The Cottage Cheese on 12/04/2009:

    You have such amazing design sense. Your house is stunning. Truly.

  11. jess on 12/04/2009:

    Your fireplace looks so good dark. I can't make up my mind if I want to paint mine or not. I like yours the way it is, contrasting against the walls.

  12. style-for-style on 12/05/2009:

    love the stark black, and the amethyst…
    and the blog for that matter,
    our blog banners match

  13. g/d on 12/07/2009:

    You've inspired a mantel update. Right now it's light grey, against a white wall, but I think that a deep slate color (almost black, like yours) is in order.

    Love your blarg. Yay.

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