October 13th, 2009

When I picked up this little mid century desk lamp I thought it might be designed by Gerald Thurston for Lightolier. I have a floor lamp by Thurston that I picked up ages ago that still needs to be rewired. A closer look reveals this thrifted light to be something else entirely.

(The actual Gerald Thurston lamp)

Now I have no clue what this little light could be.

But it was $3, totally brass and super sassy.

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  1. zee ((homebug)) on 10/13/2009:

    I think your "unknown" one is much cooler than the Thurston lamp. And $3? Yowza!

  2. Cole on 10/13/2009:

    Oooo I like your's better too!

  3. Kiley on 10/14/2009:

    Love it. And I also love the painting in the background.

  4. eva ravenstein on 11/02/2009:

    i'm sooo jealous of all your thrifty finds.

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