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October 7th, 2009

รœber thanks to Apartment Therapy for posting about my DIY plumbing shelves. I can’t take all the credit, I totally just copied the Ace Hotel. BTW, the Ace actually used 1/4″ as opposed to my 1/2″ plumbing pipe…I kind of regret not going smaller…I would go smaller if I did it again.

Here are the other images if you missed them, with some updated stying.

This baby is making the internet rounds!

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  1. Rija on 10/07/2009:

    It is making the rounds- I just posted about your amazing shelves today! I have to have them for my living room…now if I can just get my husband to comply!

  2. Anonymous on 10/07/2009:

    heck yes they rock!

  3. jkc on 10/08/2009:

    Everytime I see those shelves, I fall more and more in love with them. They are made of awesome!

  4. Anonymous on 10/08/2009:

    yeah, they rock alright, but i really want that kilim!
    Sue ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Peggy on 10/08/2009:

    Morgan, congrats on the AT mention. I was looking at your blog again and I am astounded by your creativity. Really, I need you, the boy and the father-in-law to come to my apartment STAT. I am the world's worst DIYer.

    Oh, and sorry about the comment where I said you did the shelves on two walls. I just realized that was a split photo. Duh.

    Also, love the jute rug in the living. How about a shot of hot pink in there? A pillow maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Katja on 10/08/2009:

    No wonder it's making the Internet rounds – I still can't believe you designed it and built it yourself, it's really amazing!:)

  7. Michael on 11/17/2009:

    Such a great shelf! Curious: What is your reason for wishing you had gone with 1/4" pipe? Structural? Aesthetic?

  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/17/2009:

    Just aesthetic – there are a couple of changes I would make if I did it again.

  9. Michael on 11/18/2009:

    I see… I'm thinking of building a modified version for our entryway, so feel free to elaborate on the changes you would make! Thanks!

  10. gina on 01/16/2011:

    What is the component attaching the shelf supports to the wall? Is it a standard flange? It doesn’t look like one in the photos. Please advise. Thanks!

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