Jute Rug

October 5th, 2009

I threw the jute TÅRNBY rug I picked up at Ikea in the living room. The cowhide that was here before ended up in the bedroom.

I like this big Ikea jute rug so far. I think I might want to layer it with a kilim or a white cowhide to break up all the brown naturalness that’s happening.

Like so perhaps…


Or like this, which we’ve all seen – but with way less zebra and expensive beni ouarain rugs…

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  1. david john on 10/05/2009:

    i'm personally loving the layered rug look.

  2. Monique on 10/05/2009:

    I'm really liking the texture the jute adds; I think layering would be brilliant.

  3. **WE BLOG ARTISTS** on 10/05/2009:

    Layering would be good!
    I like the painting above the fireplace!

  4. Anonymous on 10/05/2009:

    O I love the new look its so clean warm cozy OWWW I cant wait to see what rug you use I love seeing your own personal style being defined

  5. Kara on 10/05/2009:

    Love the whole look!

  6. Tony Paul on 10/05/2009:

    We hadn't seen the living room for a while, it looks rad now!!!
    Is that a new *brass* floor lamp? It looks cute from here.

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/05/2009:

    Oh, thats my fancy brass Laurel Lamp. I picked it up awhile ago…


  8. Lorna on 10/05/2009:

    Hi Morgan, how are you? Been meaning to email you as our blog watch article has been postponed till the next edition so apologies, I won't have it on PDF till then, prob around Xmas. This often happens apparently but it will def be in the next one.
    I'm having a competition on my site – open to EU and US (too expensive to deliver elsewhere) – a fab hamper to be won, even if i say it myself

  9. Laura [What I Like] on 10/05/2009:

    I've got one myself and absolutely love it…my one gripe is that once you spill something on it you've got a stain for life. The stains often fade, but I find myself layering more to cover them up than anything else!

  10. jkc on 10/05/2009:

    ::sigh:: I just love looking at pictures of your living room. So gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous on 10/06/2009:

    love your grey sofa – where can i get one? 🙂

  12. eva ravenstein on 10/06/2009:

    i love your butterfly chairs, i need to find a couple in the UK…
    and thanks for the rug inspiration!

  13. Brad on 04/04/2011:

    Did the Tarnby get banished to the wasteland? I don’t think I’ve seen it in the recent posts. Did it not hold up well?

  14. Vicky on 04/19/2011:

    I JUST picked up my very own Tarnby rug today and am soo stocked about it! Came across this post just browsing how others are using their rugs and came across your page. Love the layering idea, may give that a whirl. Also, where did you get that hanging light? I saw something simliar before in pictures that was clear but that exact shape!

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