Guest Bedroom – Three Ways

October 26th, 2009

Fantasizing about decorating the guest bedroom is much more fun than dealing with the reality of cash and space limitations (BTW, the bedroom is only 12′ x 12′).

I hit up good old 1st Dibs to drool over dream pieces that would fulfill the list of items required to furnish the bedroom comfortably.

The List:
1. Chandelier

2. Pendant light (pair)

3. Headboard/bed frame

4. Nightstand (pair)
5. Rug

6. Chair

7. Bench

8. Credenza
9. Pillows

Below are my three imaginary mood boards that would be options for the bedroom if money and space were unlimited. These boards, even though they aren’t really options – still give me an idea about the direction (texture, mood and palette) I’d like to try and go for…as much as it’s realistically possible.

Option 1:

1. Italian 1970’s Star Ceiling Light / $1,424
2. Pottery Ceiling Lite / $1,800

3. Harvey Probber rosewood headboard / Sold

4. Warren Platner Knoll Marble Side Tables / Sold

5. Shaggy Tribal Moroccan Marmoucha Rug / $3,975

6. Arne Norell leather chairs / $8,900

7. Dunbar Bench / $2,200

8. George Nelson credenza / $2,800
9. Mongolian Fur Pillows / $225

Option 2:


1. Stilnovo 1950’s Flush Floral Bouquet Chandelier / $3,800
2. French Ceiling Lights in Orange and White / $2,512

3. Headboard by George Nakashima / contact dealer

4. Decagonal Side Tables by Harvey Probber / $3,200

5. Vintage North African Rug / contact dealer

6. Sloped Steel Lounge Chair By Kipp Stewart / $4,800

7. Les Arcs Bench / $3,200

Knoll Rosewood cabinet / $5,200
9. Coyote Fur Pillow / $450

Option 3:

1. Italian Five-Arm Brass Chandelier / contact dealer
2. Beat Shade Stout by Tom Dixon / $1,140

3. Geometric Chrome King Headboard / Sold

4. Walnut & Ceramic Side Tables by Jon Van Koert for Drexel / contact dealer
5. Cow Hide Rug / $750

6. Papa Bear Chairs with Ottoman by Hans Wegner / Sold

7. 1970`s Chrome Bench / Sold

8. Burl Olivewood Credenza by Milo Baughman / $8,500
9. Vintage Fabric Pillows / $425

Delicious. Expensive. Impossible.

And hey, we didn’t even go into the bed linen’s, wall color or window coverings…well I guess with a budget this unlimited we would redo the closets, put in new floors, add a guest bathroom or just move to a completely different house in a vibrant and culturally exciting city (that obviously isn’t located in the Inland Empire).

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  1. Anonymous on 10/26/2009:

    I'd sleep in any of 'em! maybe you could charge luxury hotel rates and finance the project? 🙂

    btw, just sent off my vintage sofa and 17 yards of soft, white vinyl – fingers crossed that it looks as HOT as yours when I get it back! thanks for all your help …

  2. megan on 10/26/2009:

    opt 3 for sure.

    oh papa bear…how i love you.

  3. modfrugal on 10/26/2009:

    All are fab…if I had to choose…I like option 2…you had me at Nakashima headboard.

  4. Louis W on 10/26/2009:

    I like how option 3 is a little more elegant while still maintaining a level of natural/vintage as the others.

    Those Arne Norell chairs are just plain amazing.

  5. Stephanie on 10/26/2009:

    I love the third option! But I also love the coyote fur pillows in the second option, and the arne norell chairs in the first. i just got a beautiful cowhide on ebay for $200. i was worried about the quality, but it arrived and is beautiful! the last one i bought was in tiajuana and it smelled like goat. maybe it was a goat. i couldn't get the smell to go away so i had to get rid of it!

  6. Anonymous on 10/26/2009:

    lets makes babies in all those room …yea babies

  7. Adele on 10/26/2009:

    fur pillows … I don't even like writing the words, eebiegeebies

  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/27/2009:

    Better than dirty pillows…or fur burger.

  9. lisa tomiko on 10/27/2009:


  10. jamie on 10/27/2009:

    fun game!

    also kind of torturous.

    i spent the weekend converting our guest room into a music room/office space.

    less fun.

  11. Laur on 10/27/2009:

    only 12' x 12'? Both of my bedrooms are only 9' x 11' – sad, I know.

    All three boards are beatiful – I can't wait to see what you end up doing in the room.

  12. Anonymous on 10/27/2009:

    Option 3 for sure. I love the fusion of industrial and natural elements. It has such a unique contemporary tribal vibe. Not harsh and cold like so many contemporary designs tend to be. This concept is clean AND comfy. Do it. DO IT NOW!!! But please opt for fake fur. It's cheaper. It's ethical. It's washable. Yay!

  13. Jessica Fulkerson O'Brien on 11/01/2009:

    My heart stopped at Inspiration Board # 2 and # 3. Where do I put in a request for identical reproductions in my own home?! Gorgeous ideas!

  14. The visual escapist on 11/02/2009:

    Option 3 is great. I have been searching for a place in my house to put one of those Tom Dixon pendant lights, but the price is a little high for the only room where it really would fit in – our bedroom.
    I love the pendant lights in option 2 too, but not so sure about fur pillows. Aren't you in the desert?

  15. Fiona Hanley on 11/05/2009:

    There's nothing wrong with fur as long as it's vintage. I'll stylestalk no.3 please – so beautiful, then thrift a fur coat and make some cushions. Cosy. Wondering now if a wall of Farrow & Ball Lotus wallpaper would be good or if it'd wreck the buzz.

  16. Patricia Ann on 12/24/2009:

    Dibs on option three for sure. 🙂

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