Dying for…

October 1st, 2009









Poul Henningsen.

Need it.
Want it.
Have to have it.

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  1. Lee on 10/01/2009:

    Your blog is terrific! And love your style, your home is just fabulous too. Lee 🙂

  2. Fat Cat on 10/01/2009:

    My thoughts exactly!
    I was only too happy to find a decent priced knock-off during a recent trip to Berlin. Now if only I could change the wiring to make the lamp fit over my dinner table. Grrrr, so many things to do, so little time…

  3. Anonymous on 10/01/2009:

    you and me both, i love this lamp

  4. maya on 10/01/2009:

    yeah. i know.

  5. Scott Lindberg on 10/01/2009:

    Just saw one last weekend at Meridian Modern in Indianapolis. It's a pretty fantastic form!

  6. Monique on 10/01/2009:

    You crack me up- love it! I can practically see you twitching.

  7. jenn on 10/01/2009:

    1. favorite blog
    2. hey fatcat – i have a half-assed knock-off too – i took the top part of an ikea fixture and rigged up mine to hang over the dining table (see url)…

  8. treeathie on 10/01/2009:

    Ooh, the DOOR in that first pic!!!

  9. Anonymous on 10/01/2009:

    I like the picture of the Asian family sitting on the floor. "we can't afford much furniture, but at least we have good design!"

  10. Jo in NZ on 10/01/2009:


    Have a look over on Kitka as well — they have some interesting tales to tell about sourcing PH lights!

  11. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 10/01/2009:

    Are ya gonna get it?

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/01/2009:

    I'd like to, if I can find one at the right price.

  13. Anonymous on 10/01/2009:

    you will, you always do

  14. pupule on 10/02/2009:

    Be patient. You will find one. I had no idea what it was when I found mine, I just knew I wanted it. It was 2 bucks. See – http://pupuleshop.blogspot.com/2008/10/clueless.html

  15. Heather on 10/05/2009:

    I have one of these. It came with my house and is old 🙂 I need to figure out how to restore it. It works but it is hella dingy

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