September 2nd, 2009

I think I found a spot for the thrifty rattan stools I picked up at the Goodwill. I’m operating under the idea that they could be pulled out as an ottoman for the Eames wannabe lounger or as extra seating for visitors to gather round the computer…which is surprisingly often a big problem.

Is it too Florida retirement home with the planter and white couch? Something is off about the color scheme…maybe I should find them a more exciting place to stand out and say “Hey! We are here, we are rattan and we are awesome. Sit on us.”

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  1. My Name is Cox on 09/02/2009:

    those are the coolest little stools!! ugh, you find the most amazing things…
    i think the colors look nice, but maybe it looks a little cluttered right there under the shelving unit? mabye keep just one there and use another one elsewhere?

  2. Rachael on 09/02/2009:

    I would keep them right there under the pears so that it's easier to just sit and gawk at them all day long (which would be exactly what I would do if those four things were in my possession—retirement home chic or not, I love love love them). But since you actually live in the space, you might want to spread the awesomeness out a little bit.

    Also, thumbs up on the doors for those bookshelves. I'm in full support and I think they look swell.

  3. **WE BLOG ARTISTS** on 09/02/2009:

    I personally think they fit just fine there…BUT they are TOTALLY awesome and probably don't get nearly enough attention there.
    Oh,I have a giveaway going on today…I visit your site all the time…if you have a chance, visit mine:-)


  4. greavesdesign on 09/02/2009:

    nope, I don't get Florida Retirement Home from these at all and my radar for these things is pretty acute I would say.

    I also love how they are tucked under the shelf.
    it feels nicely unified and also is a practical way to keep them close at hand…

  5. modfrugal on 09/02/2009:

    No Florida vibe for me. What about behind the sofa for pull up seating close by? So fab either way. Nice score!

  6. modfrugal on 09/02/2009:

    oops – I think I was thinking of the dark sofa in different location….

  7. alex s. on 09/02/2009:

    I get a Florida vibe but only from the stools being next to the plant. the plant and planter are awesome though. I don't really like ratan because it always makes me feel as if i'm in a beach resort, but that is just my opinion. Im a big fan of your style, but not ratan.

  8. Anna at contemporary bathroom vanity on 09/02/2009:

    I think those stools look perfect there because you have those two green pears right above. And no I dont get any retirement home feeling at all! It looks pretty cool with the plant and the white couch. I really like your sense of style.

  9. Anonymous on 09/03/2009:

    i think the stools are cool and have nice lines to them..
    take them awwwwway from the shelves looks too cluttered for their clean lines.

  10. allthingsrosie on 09/03/2009:

    Oh I think that looks amazing… love the stools!

  11. J - Pacha Mama on 09/03/2009:

    One idea: paint the stools. They might look hot.

  12. Jennifer on 09/04/2009:

    I vote for a flatter cushion…and move one out from under the shelf. They're very cool – love stools! How much? Wait. I don't think I want to know…

  13. on 01/12/2010:

    Screw the stools – I want to know where you found those brass shelf standards and brackets! I've been scouring the Internets for weeks with no luck.

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/12/2010:

    I traded a dealer for them about a year ago. He got them at an estate sale in orange county.

    They are marked "Brooklyn" but thats about it.

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