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September 3rd, 2009

Well, it’s been awhile (5 months! WTF) since I mentioned the fleshy pink bathroom of ill repute. Progress has been made, but not enough to warrant a full scale reveal.






So to recap:

-Paint! We painted…awhile ago.
-Patched holes/fixed plaster! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.
-Replaced cabinet handle hardware (although I’m not in love with it – anyone have a recommendations?)
-Installed an Ikea mirror.
-Fixed the shower plumbing

Still to do:

-Install shower curtain track
-Buy a shower curtain
-Install new lighting
-Install long shelf under mirror
-Hang art
-Paint and fix door (maybe get new door hardware?)
-Figure out where to hang towels (get towel hangers, oh and maybe some nice towels for once)
-Get rug
-Caulk shower (again)
-Buy porcelain plates for electrical outlets and such

So, in conclusion – we will continue to just smash lipstick all over this pig.

Stupid pink bathroom. Pink is my least favorite color, even trumping orange. At least I haven’t terrified you with an in depth tour of the other bathroom

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  1. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 09/03/2009:

    I love that you have the guts to admit that you don't like pink. WTF were they all thinking back "when" with the pink and black thing. I know, not my fav either.But, hey, what are ya gonna do? I have a real tiny shit hole of a bathroom. I am just praying for new flooring……

  2. virginia on 09/03/2009:

    I vote for small round handles instead of what you have now. Great work! Remodeling is a hard, long road.

  3. Tony Paul on 09/03/2009:

    I kind of like the shape of that sink!

    Couldn't you make long handles in the same idea as the ones on the controversial bookshelves?

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/04/2009:

    Tony, you must have read my mind – I was just thinking about that!

  5. Tikimama on 09/04/2009:

    Well, since I know you're not trying to do a retro look, I won't suggest boomerang handles 🙂

    Please tell me you saved the Hall-Mark built-in toothbrush holder (and that you'd like to sell it to me – I want one in a crazy way)>

  6. Anonymous on 09/04/2009:

    We just finished our pink bathroom reno. Got rid of the pink toilet and pink floor. Not enough coin to gut the pink tub and walls…they are hidden by the shower curtain. The sink, console, counter, medicine cabinets and lighting were bought on clearance. The floor is inexpensive hex. Bought the toilet for full price. Two boys…I need a good toilet!!

    Take a lookie…jen

  7. modfrugal on 09/04/2009:

    I feel your pain…I had a lipstick bathroom reno myself recently and it's just not as fulfilling as getting what you really want…but I know you will make the lemonade out of lemons…hang in there…so far so good!

  8. Airika on 09/04/2009:

    oops I always thought that was a urinal on the wall!

  9. Heather on 09/04/2009:

    I love this bathroom… can we please switch houses?


  10. helen on 09/04/2009:

    You just cannot beat a boiled scrotum pink bathroom. I am working on a house with one at the moment.

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/04/2009:

    I know…that shade of pink is just unnerving.

  12. kristina on 10/30/2009:

    have you heard of kerlite? it is a super thin tile, made to go on top of existing tile. i'm just saying, since you mentioned you hate pink. i'm an interior designer and my rep just brought me the new sample box… TONS of badass neutral colors, plus four that are kind of wood grain-y that are totally growing on me.

  13. kristina on 10/30/2009:

    have you heard of kerlite? it's a super thin tile product, made specifically to go on top of existing tile. i thought i'd mention it, since you mentioned you hate pink. i'm an interior designer, and my rep just brought me the new sample box. TONS of badass neutrals, plus four that are kind of like a wood grain.

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