Ikea Weekend

September 18th, 2009

Looks like a trip to Ikea is in the works for this weekend. Our closest Ikea is an hour and a half from the old Brick House so I always try to get my game plan on, especially for a trip to the big blue and yellow on a Saturday. Arguing couples, college freshmen and lost kids. Should be fun filled.


MASKROS is the shiz.

I saw this a few weeks ago on a quick trip through Ikea and was amazed by how HUGE this light is. I was worried it might look super crappy cheap but was pleasantly surprised by the fabulous drama it delivered. It needs another look-see but this may just be a contender for the guest bedroom.


This IS NOT the light I really want to talk about, but I can’t remember what the new rattan UFO spiky pendant thing is called and it is nowhere on the website. Anyways – I LOVED that light (whatever its called) and only sort of dug the BÖJA. Both need another looking over.


IKEA PS VÄVA – Thats it.

I want to see if I can check out the SPRAKA pepper mill. I’ve been unsuccessful finding this crazy thing so far, but hope it pops up during my pursuing.


Every time I go to Ikea I stop, I touch and I look longingly at this rug. I keep trying to figure out where I could throw it down…


and the master bedroom just might be a winner. Anyone purchase this big jute baby? Reviews?

So, is there anything else exciting I should be on the look out for? Besides a hot dog, a lingonberry soda and a vanilla cone on the way out…

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  1. helen on 09/18/2009:

    I have the Spraka and although it is ace in a "looking like an adult toy" sort of way it cannot grind pepper for shit I'm afraid.

  2. Elliott P. on 09/18/2009:

    Kids always seem to be able to hold their shit togther until somewhere around Bedding, then it is melt down city. As a childless (and slightly evil) person, I enjoy the hell out of this.
    I recommend rewarding yourself with a Pepsi Float after the car is loaded.

  3. Anonymous on 09/18/2009:

    I long for a trip to the Ikea in Bollinger, IL. But it is about 4 hours from St. Louis so I haven't made the trip yet. There is a local company here that will take orders, pick up and deliver to your door, which is cool because Ikea doesn't even ship most of their small stuff & for the larger stuff their shipping prices are outrageous. I totally dig the pepper mill, but am glad I've heard the review so I can forget about it. I have a pepper mill from Crate & Barrel and puts out pepper near the size of a fennel seed or larger! I love the rug. Now I'm gonna have to check out the Ikea site and being unemployed at the moment kind of puts the kabosh on any purchases, bummer! Well, I'll live thru your purchases, I want to hear all about them! Sue

  4. jack christopher scanlon on 09/18/2009:

    I know the light you are talking about, its amazing in person. It's also part of the new PS range like the salt and pepper grinders and the MASKROS. We have both grinders and the work fine, plus look HAWT!

  5. Alison on 09/18/2009:

    So excited this is out. I want Mr Maskros for our bedroom so badly!

    How huge are we talking here?

  6. Katie on 09/18/2009:

    i like the maskros light, i looked for it a few weeks ago and didn't see it 🙁 i too have been debating that jute rug, i'm curious to see if you get it/like it.

  7. Kelly Galvin Robson on 09/18/2009:

    I have TWO of the large IKEA jute rugs. One in the dining room and one in my living room. LOVE them. They hold up really well. Highly recommend them!

  8. Anonymous on 09/18/2009:

    Sometimes I look on the IKEA website of another country and find items that haven't yet appeared in the US. Is the cool UFO-looking pendant lamp you are looking for called IKEA PS VÄVA? If so, here's a link to it on the website for Spain: http://www.ikea.com/es/es/catalog/products/00137908

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/18/2009:


    Thats it. That thing is RAD in person, but that pic is not wowing me.

    Alison-the light is like 21/2 feet in diameter. it doesn't sound like a lot but it really is.

  10. meg on 09/18/2009:

    I have that rug! you can see it here:
    damn good rugfor 100 bucks, I say.

  11. Alison on 09/18/2009:

    Thanks! That would actually be perfect for our bedroom. We have super high ceilings and anything too small is going to look awkward…even in a small room.

  12. Margaret on 09/18/2009:

    I think the meatball platter is $1 this weekend.

  13. Laura [What I Like] on 09/18/2009:

    That crazy spikey rattan lamp is amazing. I love when Ikea just knocks it out of the park for you.

  14. Petra - Designfragment on 09/18/2009:

    PS Väva really is a great piece, I bet you won't be able to leave IKEA without it 🙂

    The MASKROS is a stunner, but I would get sick of it before it's installed I'm afraid.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and enjoy IKEA! (Ps. My nearest IKEA is ten minutes from my house. You gotta get something for being in Sweden, right?)

  15. my little apartment on 09/18/2009:

    I saw the Maskros in person last week and I think it looks cheap and too craft-y. also, think about how it's gonna look after it starts collecting dust.

    I love that woven shade and am thinking about it for my dining room…

    I want a giant jute rug to layer under the kilim in my living room. think about that!

    also, I'm doing a post about Ikea on Monday, funnily enough.

  16. UNI on 09/18/2009:

    i GUESS great mind think alike. yesterday i visited the costa mesa ikea and bought THE PEPPER GRINDER (in natural wood), THE JUTE RUG (large size) and seriously eyeballed the rad RAD woven light: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm151/taylorjts/lamo.jpg (i snapped a pic with my phone to take home to show the bf.) I WILL find some special place for that baby…just not too sure where yet. there was a handful of other goods there but i had to pull myself out.
    Damage: $245 yikes!

  17. my Trampoline on 09/19/2009:

    i love(d) my ikea jute rug.

    but jute is really hard to keep clean. if even the littlest bit gets on it….spot of tea, dribble of water…it's stain city

    it didn't look good for long, and ended up on our screen porch

  18. alexkeller on 09/19/2009:

    hope you're having fun at Ikea! you made me realize that i haven't been in forever – now i need a fix

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