September 22nd, 2009

When I was at Ikea I noticed they slashed the price on the cowhides by $100. It says Last Chance! so I guess they aren’t going to carry them anymore. Well, I’m not sure if its just the Covina, CA store or like ALL the Ikeas of the world.

I really debated picking one up.

Even if you hate cowhide, these ones are pretty nice – really thick and great fur. Way better than the two I got. Shit, now I kind of regret not grabbing one.

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  1. bianca on 09/22/2009:

    i am pretty tempted. but there is something a little weird about a big hunk of dead cow on the ground. especially when you have too many vegan friends. but it is such a steal. and so pretty.

  2. stlstl on 09/22/2009:

    ooooohhhhhh! Morgan, you're killing me. I posted before about some on St. Louis CL for 250.00 & offered a meager 50.00 and she said she just as soon make something out of it then sell it that cheap. Now you, D16 and my little apartment are all showing their stuff and I think I'm gonna just have to take that road trip to Chicago! I must admit I feel a little funny being a vegetarian and having a cowhide, even though I have a couple sheepskin and wear leather. I guess a little looksy won't hurt anything. Sue

  3. Laur on 09/22/2009:

    I hope they aren't closing them out all together I have plans for one once my addition is done (and it has yet to be started)and I don't have to room for one now.

  4. Nicola on 05/06/2011:

    I have recently bought the Tarnby jute rug from Ikea and after just 2 days it has left an imprint on our new (it’s been down 1 week) laminate floor. I was just wondering if you have found this problem with your rug?

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