Bedroom Rug

September 21st, 2009

I picked up the TÅRNBY
rug at Ikea on Saturday and it seems to be jute goodness all around. I layered a kilim on top since I guess you can never have enough rugs or something…

Otherwise my trip to the big blue and yellow was uneventful. I ended up just getting the rug and enjoying a vanilla cone.



    1. Alexander Steinberg on 09/21/2009:

      I love the Bertoia chairs with the sheepskin! I've always been a bit ambivalent about the wire Bertoia chairs because I think sitting on wire is somewhat uncomfortable, but you have made me want one now!

    2. Alison on 09/21/2009:

      No Maskros?

    3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/21/2009:

      Nope, it will have to wait till we gear up and start work on the guest bedroom. Which may be awhile…

    4. my little apartment on 09/21/2009:

      good call on the layering 😉

    5. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 09/21/2009:

      Nice rug..looks good…but..wait just a minute…what's that…what is that? Is that a black painted dresser on legs? Oh, yeah, I think it is. WOW ! Know you've got my attention. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it !


    6. stlstl on 09/21/2009:

      definitely like the layering of rugs and the bertoia chairs in there…let's see what you did with the vignette. Sue

    7. my Trampoline on 09/22/2009:

      looks amazing…it's really all coming together now

    8. Anonymous on 09/22/2009:

      where do you buy your sheepskins? I love that they are the same size on both sides(in comparison to my dinky Ikea one that is bigger on one side, bah)

    9. my little apartment on 09/22/2009:

      anon, Ikea sells two sizes of sheepskins for like $20 and $40.

    10. Anonymous on 09/23/2009:

      where do you find all your kilim rugs? from the same seller? there's colours are always so earthly and deep. it seems i never can find ones quiet like them!

    11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/23/2009:

      good old pakobel rugs on ebay. they are OK in terms of quality, not the greatest.

    12. stlstl on 09/23/2009:

      the rug I got from them stunk so bad i had to put in on my balcony until i had it professionally cleaned. Sue

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