Yellow Lamp

August 28th, 2009

I cleaned up and rewired the big yellow lamp to swag in the living room over the coffee table.

Shazzzam! Hit of color in an oh so neutral space.



Loving it.

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  1. K.Line on 08/29/2009:

    Utterly fantastic!

  2. meohmyoh on 08/29/2009:

    OMG yes. yes. An all-resounding YES!! This looks seriously amazing!

  3. down pillow on 08/30/2009:

    The naked chair is cracking me up!!

  4. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 08/30/2009:

    That is sheer perfection. I LOVE it there. Don't ever move it. (That's not likely, I know.)

  5. *PrairieGirl* on 08/31/2009:

    i absolutely love this…i love the yellow & the grey specifically, and i LOVE the hanging lamp over the coffee table. such a good idea.

  6. decorphile on 01/08/2010:

    Hey! First time commenter here. I read a while ago you were looking for safari chairs. I found this pair and thought to link you. after I eyeballed them for my own home for 5 days. good price. if you don't need them anymore please feel free to spread the love to other bloggers. it was an excellent store find. -lynn

  7. decorphile on 01/08/2010:
  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/08/2010:

    funny thing is I almost bought that pair last saturday! ALMOST. I have nowhere to put them, but I want them so bad!!!

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