Stacking logs

August 22nd, 2009





I think I will fill up my fireplace with logs.

The dark fireplace in the living room seems to be a little empty and this appears to be a quick and easy solution to sophisticate up its gaping black maw. BTW, we do not use our fireplace. The Brick House is located in the California desert and not in like a cozy snowy mountain retreat…so fires are gross and make things smelly.

Anyone ever do this? Is it weird?

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  1. undercover caterer on 08/22/2009:

    watch out for spiders, they LOVE big piles of logs!

  2. Jenn Ski on 08/22/2009:

    I had a photographer come to my home and take photos last week.

    At the last minute I went outside and grabbed a bunch of logs and stuck them under there, it's looks so much better. I love the texture and patterns they make.

    I do live in NH though, where it actually gets cold and snowy.

  3. Kristen on 08/22/2009:

    Ditto the spiders, and other creepy-crawlies… although I LOVE the look.

  4. April on 08/22/2009:

    if you don't use your fireplace, it makes sense

  5. Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All on 08/22/2009:

    I like the idea. I would like to eventually try it in our fireplace, which is a decorative hearth with gas insert (most likely original to the house, circa 1915). But getting someone to cap off the gas line is not a priority at this point. If you do the stacking logs thing, I can live vicariously through you.

  6. greavesdesign on 08/22/2009:

    on a design site recently I saw their fireplace stacked with books. it actually looked really great!
    maybe you could build in simple shelves and stack books end to end so they look all crammed in but you could still get at them in a more practical way. (and the spiders would not likely be an issue)!

  7. Adele on 08/22/2009:

    You could put some eucalyptus oil on some of logs to detract crawly beasties, make the room smell good! I like the book idea too but you already have two great cases either side so I dunno.

    …hehehee, vagina!

  8. wesley on 08/22/2009:

    style those logs up with home-made brands, a la david ireland (capp street):

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/22/2009:

    awesome! i'll turn the house into my very own installation. i love the repetition of those brands…but then I've always liked irelands installations.

    can you imagine that in hemet? my neighbors would think i went insane branding a bunch of logs. i have to do it.

  10. Rua on 08/24/2009:

    My husband and I tried that look earlier this year. Unfortunately about a month later, we started getting bunches of big black flying bugs in our place (they were living in the wood when we bought it–they bore in). I was sad to see the beautiful stacks of wood go (and so was our rabbit–he loved to chew on them!), but I'm glad to be rid of the bugs! We now have a fireplace screen (so the rabbit doesn't get in there) and a bizarre bust I picked up at a thrift store and spray painted bright orange. I plan to add more as I find them.

  11. Airika on 08/24/2009:

    Is this a metaphor? Shoving wood in to fill a gap?

  12. Jody in BC on 12/19/2010:

    I`m slowly making my way through your blog, back to front. (because I`m a breeder and my spare time is precious, you are my night time read) And all the way along I was thinking how cool your fireplace would look with logs. And now voila! I stumble upon it. We are doing ours this week with birch. I love the white bark and it makes a good contrast to the dark back drop. I just finished tiling our crappy old 1962 brick with charcol slate and it needs some pizazz.. so logs it is.

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