August 18th, 2009

The living room and I have been in a bit of a funk lately. So lets imagine the living room (and my life) updated with some fantasy disposable income.

This is how we update the living room, son. I make it rain decor goodies.

I think it all would look rad with the big gray couch and round coffee table. Now if I just had like $50,000 available to drop the living room…

But seriously, I am totally on the hunt for some sleek-ass matching vintage leather chairs. Safari, Bachelor, Baughman, whatever or whoever it doesn’t mater as long as its a delicious broken in caramel leather. The living room is requiring symmetry.

…or yellow could be nice.

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  1. Nat on 08/19/2009:

    Hi there, I'm new to the blog. It's fantastic! Genius taste!… it's just like mine!!! (hehe)
    Those vintage chairs are delicious – but the only thing I liked better that the chairs was that fact that you used the word 'rad'.
    Highly underused and underrated.
    Love the blog anyway!
    Radness cubed!

  2. The Wife of an Artist on 08/19/2009:

    Wow, that chandelier is killer. I'm imagining it with some old Edison bulbs. Most definitely yes!

  3. Audrey on 08/19/2009:

    Ohhhh you would die for the two vintage brown leather recliner armchairs I just inherited from the parentals..!

  4. John on 08/19/2009:

    Hey! I think you just need to re-upholster your butterfly chair in a nice tan leather! They even have a leathers called "distressed leather" that wears in really nicely… The black metal base on your butterfly works so well with the black bases on your eames shell chairs, maybe it would be cool working with that look.

    On the other hand the safari chair is one of my personal favs, and I may or may not have found 2 canvas safari chairs for 100 bucks that may or may not be in the cottage living room right now…

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/19/2009:

    Oh John, you bastard. I'm hooked on safari.

    I do like the butterfly chair…its just not the most comfy. I may or may not have found 2 more black butterfly chairs for $75 that I may or may not pick up Sunday. We will see though.

    I should just bite the bullet and get leather covers made.

  6. John on 08/19/2009:

    Yea I got the safari bug ever since I purchased "Norwegian Wood" which is a book about the architecture of Wenche Selmer who built a bunch of mid century cabins in Norway. All her places had PH lights, Safari chairs, and amazing rugs.

    I think you'd really dig it!

  7. Airika on 08/24/2009:

    I like the 2 pre-historic dildos

  8. Anonymous on 10/07/2009:

    I have that identical safari chair (Arne Norell Safari chair) broken down in a black trash bag. Seriously, it was the only way that I could transport it from SF. I do not know where I will put it being that we have these Tendo Makko's to contend with. In all actuality I bought this item initially for a certain someone whom was dissappointed in the way that I was going about my collecting. Hummmmmm… Blessings

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/07/2009:

    Lenox. Great for you, I am still feeling a bit pumped for info and then dissed. I've offered to buy like 3 things and got turned down – and I won't pay outrageous prices.

  10. Anonymous on 10/20/2009:

    Times are changing for this new collector. I sometimes am overwhelmed by the response of others and the prices that are associated with this form of art. However, you learn as you go and I have helped out many in the process. Sometimes I wish that I would have never come to realize what items are worth. It potentially takes the enjoyment out of collecting. I am on a new path whereby I (seriously) adjust according to the individual and to date this has worked. At the beginning I was misguided, however, I have found my way. Thank you for setting me straight. Way to much writing for the blog so I wont overwhelm it anymore than I have already. Blessings, Lenox (aka Tendo Makko)

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