July 10th, 2009

A pair of pendants for the pink bathroom? Installed on either side of the sink? Paired with this? On the ceiling?


Lighting is hard.

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  1. ponyinarope on 07/10/2009:

    I think those pendants would look great in your bathroom. Very sleek and modern with the pink.

  2. Anonymous on 07/10/2009:

    Love the pendants. And the other fixture as well. The ceiling fixture was used in several places in our room in the NY Ace Hotel when we stayed there last week. Loved it there and have been trying to figure out a place to use it in my house! So I'll enjoy it in yours vicariously.

  3. Jeanette on 07/11/2009:

    will you be painting the ceiling black?

  4. Hanna and Daniel on 07/11/2009:

    Go with it! Pendants are great in the bathroom!


  5. J. Fudo on 07/11/2009:

    The lights are fantastic. Make sure that if you are doing the pendants over the sink that they are tied to a GFI circuit (cant be the same one as the outlets).

  6. Anonymous on 07/11/2009:

    i like both of them the pendants seem o so yummy with pink but is there black in the bathroom black and pink was popular in the 1980 well here in new orleans world fair era 1984 i like the cealing fixture but it looks kinda like a toilet plunger to me i know im lame

  7. Anonymous on 07/11/2009:

    ok i looked more into your past pics on the blog and seen the pink and black and i think both will loook lovey even i think #2 looks like a plunger

  8. Katie on 07/12/2009:

    i think they would look great, good choices! i agree, lighting is hard, and it is always so expensive!

  9. Anonymous on 07/13/2009:

    Lets talk…I just picked up some vintage hanging lamps that are a close match. Darren

  10. Anonymous on 07/14/2009:

    are your ceilings high? If so, I think it would look great. We have a pink bathroom too. Almost finished renovating, the pink tub and wall is still intact. Take a look-ie!

    jen…long live pink (especially if it's thrifty!)

  11. quoc on 07/15/2009:

    this has nothing to do with this post.
    thought you might want to see this if you haven't already.
    check it.

    don't wreck it.

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