Laurel Lamp

July 8th, 2009

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Laurel. Laurel this is everyone.

I know it may shock you, but please don’t mention that she’s topless. It’s a cultural difference from the exotic land of Ebay.

(Stop staring at her exposed bits)

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  1. suzanne on 07/08/2009:

    oh hello there.

  2. Moneeeq on 07/08/2009:

    I just picked up a beauty like this in a pewter tone from an estate sale in my neighborhood- love it!!!

  3. Jessica on 07/08/2009:

    that is super sexy. what kind of top are you going to get for her?

  4. John on 07/08/2009:

    The shape is so amazing! I never really appreciated brass until I started reading your blog.

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/08/2009:

    I've been so into brass. I never thought it possible.

    I think I'm going to get her a black shade shaped like the ones that were originally used. Like a small cone…

    Who knows though. I might just walk that baby over to Target and try some different shades and see what looks good.

  6. LisaP. on 07/09/2009:

    Oh my…shady lady!

  7. down and out chic on 07/09/2009:

    bahaha, too funny! clever, very clever.

  8. UNI on 07/10/2009:

    nice score! i found this picture awhile back and just ran across it again….look familiar?!

  9. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 07/11/2009:

    XD! She has great curves. I've never liked brass but I could get on board with this one.

  10. Laura [What I Like] on 07/14/2009:

    Oooh…sexy thing! Love the gold…

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