Kitchen Kilim

July 2nd, 2009

I’m totally a sucker for ebay kilims.

I nervously auctioned my way to winning another rug on ebay with the intent of sticking it in the kitchen. It fits at 10′ x 4′ and is definitely lovely for $22.50.

When I saw it on ebay I thought the pale aqua color and the subtle geometric pattern would pick up the color in my nutty turquoise counter tops. Surprisingly the dark brown geometric pattern creates a great frame against the dark floors…I was a little worried about mixing the dark brown and black. Overall it gives a nice layer of texture to the kitchen which has recently started to feel a little too atomic kitsch and not as modernist snazzy as I’d like.

This rug seems to be of better quality than the one in the bedroom. Its a bit thicker and way less rough…although I’m really not sure how these things should feel.

I might have kilim mania. I still really want a few more to throw around the house.

I wonder how many is too many?

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  1. maya on 07/02/2009:

    welcome to my life.
    i dont even have a house, but i have 3 kilims..
    the one i sent you , in that kitchen in Berlin is amazing isnt it? i love rugs in the kitchen!
    good job on this one!!!!

  2. redbrickbuilding on 07/02/2009:

    It looks great! I love rugs in kitchens…

  3. Jo in NZ on 07/02/2009:

    You have the most amazing eye!

  4. lacrymus on 07/02/2009:

    There is nothing like too many when it comes to kilims! Especially, that you can hang them on the walls, as they were originally ment to.

  5. Anonymous on 07/03/2009:

    i like the kilim, it earthy crunched the look a bit.

  6. Veruca on 07/03/2009:

    Super cute as usual!

    But be warned, unless you never cook, it's going to get scuzzy fast. I wash my cotton kitchen throw at least once a week to de-goop it.

  7. Hanna and Daniel on 07/04/2009:

    Not satisfied is not enough.
    I'm not a huge fans of brightly coloured Kalims myself but this one with its subtle tones is right up my alley. Especially against that dark floor.


  8. my little apartment on 07/06/2009:

    looove it in there. I had an old Persian in my kitchen when I lived in CA and it looked awesome. they don't get dirty that fast, plus when they do, you just take 'em out to the driveway and hose 'em off with dishsoap.

  9. jamie on 09/04/2009:

    aha. 🙂

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