June 19th, 2009

Domino (RIP) at some point featured this little bedroom with black sputnik chandelier.
(BTW – does anyone hate their new subscription to Architectural Digest? Yuck.)

I really like the look of a small sputnik counter balanced with a modern and minimal room. It keeps it looking sculptural and veers it away from kitschy atomic. I thought it might be fun to install a black sputnik in my bathroom and ended up buying a small vintage brass sputnik chandelier from Craigslist for $40.

Well, that was like 5 months ago. I don’t know if most people go through this pattern…like focus on one stupid thing and obsess obsess obsess. I do this ALL THE TIME and this week it was the stupid Sputnik.

I had a weird nervous breakdown about having the light lying around in my guest room and that maybe I wanted a different kind of light for the bathroom and oh god I need a new light for the kitchen and dammit where will I find a new light and WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO WITH THIS F*ING THING.

The solution.

F*ck the kitchen light, its coming down.

The Brick House’s kitchen came with this plain white metal light whose main talent seemed to be collecting dust (I cleaned about three inch layer of gross oily dustiness off of it when we first moved in. Ick.)

Here is the $40 vintage brass sputnik. The Craigslist selling couple pulled it out of their lovely mid century house when they started remodeling it to NOT look mid century – BOO. It was originally installed in their entryway. They told me that I just missed out on the really BIG light from the dining room. Oh well.

Before…and After. Glamorous.

And because I really like pictures…

Now I’m wondering if it should be black or BIGGER or if its just TOO retro in the already retro kitchen. I’m a big fan of mixing metals and would like to avoid being too matchy-matchy. Maybe it shouldn’t go in the kitchen. I could always install it in the guest bedroom and find something else for the kitchen…


Obsessing never wins – you just don’t think very clearly. Now I’m obsessing on how I might not like it…I think I might have a wee bit of installers remorse. Although, I do like the sputnik a gazillion times more than the white lamp. I guess I can wait and see if a fabulous and perfect light pops up.

It must be perfect…eventually.

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  1. Smellary on 06/19/2009:

    It looks great! If doubts persist you could always bust out some of that black spray paint form earlier.

  2. Juli on 06/19/2009:

    I like it! And how do you keep your kitchen so damn clean?

  3. Jessica on 06/19/2009:

    No, its perfect.

    And you should call and chage your subscription from Arch Digest to another magazine. I'm an Architect and I hate that magazine. I get Conde de Nast Travel instead now…much better eye candy.

  4. High Street Market on 06/19/2009:

    this sputnik is AWESOME. the gold finish is great– i love it and i'm jealous. great find. never get rid of it…

    lucky. 🙂

  5. brick city love on 06/19/2009:

    It's fabulous and totally works in the space. I'm hoping to find the perfect place for my sputnik in our new (to us) 1880's rowhome.

  6. Porcelain on 06/19/2009:

    I didn't know you could call and change your subscription choice! They gave me freakin' Glamour! WTF?!

  7. Elizabeth on 06/19/2009:

    I love it! It looks so glamorous – I was prepared to hate it and think it looked kitschy and themey but I really really think it's gorgeous.

  8. Alison on 06/19/2009:

    it looks perfect–unexpected and cool. what are you going to do with the old fixture?

    and i totally agree on a.d. it's waaay too tacky and overwrought.

  9. Ginny on 06/19/2009:

    the shape is great. i think it's the gold that is throwing you off.

  10. Anonymous on 06/19/2009:

    Does anyone know exactly who to call regarding switiching the magazine subscription? I'm also recieving Glamour next month, after two issues of Real Simple.

    And I just have to say I love your house. Very chic.

  11. Always A Lady on 06/19/2009:

    Oh I love it too! Not too matchy matchy. I want one now!

  12. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 06/19/2009:

    It looks good there but I kind of want to see how it would look in the bathroom . . .

    CN wanted to send me Glamour. Please. I had them send me CN Traveler instead.

  13. tula@whorange on 06/19/2009:

    honey, keep the sputnik in the kitch. fabulous!

    i completely obsess over objects of lust, too. my last obsession was a holga camera. sigh.

  14. jess@noelmarie on 06/19/2009:

    I hate that stupid magazine too. How can you even try to replace Domino with that?!

    I envy your new light and I must learn from your Craiglisting skills. Can you catch a fly with your chopsticks too?

  15. deedee9:14 on 06/19/2009:


  16. Tracy on 06/19/2009:

    ack. love it.

  17. down and out chic on 06/20/2009:

    urgh blogger is being difficult w/me leaving a comment…
    ok- so i love the light fixture and i think it's fantastic in your already fantastic kitchen.

  18. Elissa on 06/20/2009:

    That light looks awesome in your kitchen! Now I think I'm starting to obsess about putting one in my foyer.

  19. Hanna and Daniel on 06/20/2009:

    Hey, what you call obsessing I call original creativity.
    That golden Sputnik with that kitchen looks totally fab so just go with the flow.
    It's not everyday you see a classic design in a completely unexpected context which actually works.
    Now move on to obsess over the next thing and give us even more inspiration.
    You're on a streak!

  20. mypoliticalexile on 06/21/2009:

    Maybe in white?

  21. Vintage Hunter on 06/21/2009:

    It looks great! I wouldn't change the color.

  22. GiGi on 06/22/2009:

    " I don't know if most people go through this pattern…like focus on one stupid thing and obsess obsess obsess"

    UH, I DO! Like mad–my poor husband.

    Lurve your blog! Yes, Lurve!

  23. Iheartfashion on 06/24/2009:

    My Domino was replaced with Bon Appetit, even worse than Architectural Digest for someone with absolutely no interest in cooking.

  24. Anonymous on 08/19/2009:

    I have a sputnik chandy for sale…$100…I accept paypal & ship worldwide…dmhardyantiques@aol.com

  25. Blue Hydrangea on 11/26/2010:

    I am searching for a sputnik light and stumbled across your blog, I have to say I LOVE it!! Keep it!!

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