May 22nd, 2009


Just stop.

Seriously. I can’t paint my house black. I CAN’T.

I live in the desert – theres just no f*ing way I can paint the exterior of the house this dark without cooking everything on the interior.

Oooooh but I LOVE it so much. You evil evil evil temptress.

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  1. Anna at D16 on 05/22/2009:

    Oh god, just do it. You can pretend the whole house is sauna. Your skin will look great! Or open a Birkram yoga studio.

  2. Tikimama on 05/22/2009:

    Yeah, but the boy might move out. In my experience, they’re always too hot to begin with. Does he have an opinion on the matter?

    Or, you could build one of those giant roof-on-sticks thingies that they use to shade the trailers at the Salton Sea.

  3. maya on 05/22/2009:

    i already told the boy, when ever we get a house, he has no choice…

  4. eileenerb on 05/22/2009:

    No, you can’t paint your house black. Not only is it hot, it’s bad for the environment. Paint your door black.

  5. Airika on 05/22/2009:

    like nike, just do it.

    I say grey. Then you should put in a rock lawn and some suckulents.

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/22/2009:

    How is bad for the environment? Does it reflect heat or something?

  7. Jessica on 05/23/2009:

    Lol. As soon as I saw the original post I thought, oh no wait until The Brick House sees this.

    There is certainly something about these dark houses that are irresistable.

  8. Juli on 05/23/2009:

    I hear ya, those pictures remind me of how we want our cottage to be…if we can get to peeling off the layers of hideous vinyl siding with the hopes that the wood underneath hasn’t rotted, we are seriously considering doing a dark stain…

  9. eileenerb on 05/25/2009:

    It does reflect heat. The new trend–I read it in that scientific journal, Elle Decor — is to have everything light colored, including the roof. Then again, it probably doesn’t make that much difference, like driving a hybrid over a Hummer; however, if you want to compare, put your hand on a black car and a white car and feel the difference. Maybe you could move to Portland?

  10. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/10/2010:

    Late to the party again but, I’ll take that shower now, plzkthx.

  11. E R I N on 10/31/2010:

    Better with boards though… Black Boards, White Bricks.

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