Le Sigh…

May 24th, 2009









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  1. Anna at D16 on 05/24/2009:

    DO. IT.

  2. Jessica on 05/24/2009:

    Agreed. Just DO IT!!!

  3. down and out chic on 05/24/2009:

    i want to be in that pool right. now.

  4. debbie downer on 05/24/2009:

    stop fixating.

    you’ll regret it…

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/24/2009:

    I know I am retarded. I just like it.

    Once you go black…you can’t go back to thinking clearly about heat absorption and insulation.

    Its just to awesome!

  6. jkc on 05/25/2009:

    Dark exterior paint doesn’t necessarily have to mean more heat absorption. Do an internet search of “exterior paint with infrared reflective pigments.” This type of paint is becoming more popular because of its eco-friendly properties. Sorry, I don’t know the cost of this verses “regular” paint.

    My limited search didn’t turn up any true black colors. I find a kind-of, darker gray called “Mountain Gray” with http://www.texcote.com Two other companies who had info were http://www.ecosafetyproducts.com (there was a gray called “storm” in their paint section but it seemed lighter and more blue) and http://www.ultimatecoatings.net (didn’t see any darker colors there initially).

    Like I said, I just did a quick search. Maybe you could find some paint experts at your local home-improvement store or in your area that could give you some more information? Hope this helps.

  7. Dee Beale on 05/26/2009:

    Love the blog, love the etsy Shop.

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