I’m going to Hang-It-All

May 1st, 2009

What What!

My new Hong Kong faux Eames Hang-It-All has finally arrived.

I Ebay’d it for $35…but the shipping cost just as much. The shipping is were they really get you. Still overall a good deal since most reproductions cost $149 – $179 in the USA without shipping and taxes. Whatev’s – I’ve been dying for one these for some time, well almost a year, after I passed up a vintage one a year ago for $150 since it didn’t pass the $100 rule.

FINALLY I have somewhere to put my purse. It has been cluttering up the den/office desk since we moved in.

*I installed it in the den since that is our main entrance/exit. We never use the front door.

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  1. Christina @ Pardon my Vintage on 05/01/2009:

    Oh dear. I had hoped to find one at the last warehouse sale, but this is completely within reach. It’s good. It’s goooooood.

  2. Alison on 05/01/2009:

    Looks so good with your purse!

  3. Peggy on 05/04/2009:

    Cute! I want one too, but I am cheap, cheap, cheap. Your yellow purse is cute too.

  4. Dee on 10/07/2010:

    oooohkay so i know i’m way late on this one, but check out this girl’s thrifty herman miller hang it all find!!! oooof…


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