Ikea Mouse

May 11th, 2009

I got a mouse pad.

From Ikea – of course – I just hate to love Ikea. I think its lovely with my new pencil holder…slowly, I’m going to get this desk organized.

I had been using a copy of the book Retro Modern as a mouse pad for the last few months. So definitely this is an upgrade.

At $0.99 I think it was a pretty good deal. Plus the black is hot. This might be the lamest post ever. Its been a long week.



    1. Christina @ Pardon my Vintage on 05/11/2009:

      Heh. This is why I haven’t got the nerve to write a blog; I’m terrified EVERY post will be lame. :-)

      I just got a new mousepad too! I ordered La Fonda del Sol FLOR samples and I’m using this one as a pad for the time being:


      I was surprised that I got three samples with one sun on each tile; the example shown online looks different.

    2. Anna at D16 on 05/11/2009:

      People still use mouse pads??

      I haven’t used one since the advent of optical mice!

    3. Christina @ Pardon my Vintage on 05/11/2009:

      One would think not … but the boy has mouse-drag issues. Also, “You left 72 tabs open again !!!” issues.

    4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/11/2009:

      i guess i’m from the stone age.

      my desk is painted with enamel and totally uneven which causes my optical mouse to get very confused and super jerky.

      Therefore – smooth non-reflective mouse pad is the answer.

      This is actually the first time in like seven years I even had a mouse. Weird.

    5. from the right bank on 05/11/2009:

      I posted my desk today, too. But no mouse pad. You’re one of the few people I know who could post about a mouse pad and make it entertaining.

    6. down and out chic on 05/13/2009:

      i have that exact mouse pad! but we don’t use it…so it’s tucked away. but still, it’s the same one.

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