March 20th, 2009

Last night I got home and was itching for a change. I was just in one of those moods where I wanted to either rip out the bathroom tiles or go buy expensive danish furniture. No money means no new tile or a brand new hutch….so it was time for a REMIX!

We’ve had this Ikea Flokati rug for a number of years and it is gross. It has been stored away and SHEDDING in the pit of a guest bedroom so that little Iggy would stop marking it.


Something about the rug smelling like a sheep made Iggy crazy and he kept putting little pee drops all over the thing. Yuck.

I also had this kind of ugly bench that was also wasting away in the guest bedroom as well. I bought it on the cheap at a thrift store and thought I would one day reupholster the cracking yellow vinyl in something fun…

I love everything sheep skin and thought that the rug would look really nice upholstered on the bench.

I cut a clean section out of the rug that was big enough to cover the bench

Removed all the legs – they just unscrewed.

Flipped over the rug so the good side was down and pulled out the trusty electric staple gun.

I just pulled the edges over and stapled them down onto the wood frame of the bench. I didn’t bother removing the old vinyl upholstery since it was pretty tight and solid. I was worried that the foam would be a mess underneath.

I stapled the rug section all the way around and folded the corners in. The rug was very furry and VERY forgiving so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t a totally clean and sharp upholstery job.

I then cut off the excess fur…

all the way around the edges so they didn’t hang down.

Screwed the legs back on and its DONE!

It took me about an hour and a half to get it all done and finished…with a few breaks playing with Iggy. He loves those Flokati fur balls.

Then like a serial killer I brushed, spot cleaned and vacuumed all the fur. It rubs the Flokati on its skin…or else it gets the hose again…

Ta-da!!! All brushed up like a show dog.

A lovely furry white ottoman. This way no ones walking on it and getting it all dirty.

I’m not sure where it will end up in the house, but the project scratched that itch for something new without spending any money!

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  1. Christina @ Pardon my Vintage on 03/20/2009:

    or else it gets the hose again…

    You slay me. I’ve spent the last few hours buried in shipping receipts, so I needed a good laugh. Thanks. 🙂

    Oh, and the bench looks wicked. Good work.

  2. maya on 03/21/2009:

    can i have it???

  3. Jessie Paolucci on 03/21/2009:

    This is genius. I neeeeeed an electric staple gun. Also the crafty gene. Whenever I get a brilliant idea, I invariably get half way through and realize I a) have no idea what I’m doing b) have no clue how to remove the hot glue from cat fur and c) will no doubt imminently require a trip to the emergency room.

  4. my little apartment on 03/21/2009:


  5. Alison on 03/22/2009:

    this is bad ass. it looks so great!

  6. Pip on 03/22/2009:

    it looks a bit like a sheep with little wooden legs. i love it!

  7. Unfiltered Meghan on 03/23/2009:

    “Then like a serial killer I brushed, spot cleaned and vacuumed all the fur. It rubs the Flokati on its skin…or else it gets the hose again…”

    Hah. Awesome.

    I’m pretty sure that one of my dogs would try to kill it and the other would try to make sweet, sweet love to it.

  8. Bromeliad on 03/28/2009:

    Warm. Furry. Doesn’t poop.

    Love it.

  9. chezdavis on 03/29/2009:

    It’s incredible. It makes me want to run around my house and find a rug to cut up. But it would never look so good. Can I just buy a flokati and make one just like it?

  10. Leigh Chandler on 03/31/2009:

    Love your blog! I’m so glad I ran across it. Your home and your sense of humor will surely make me an avid fan. Now, I want to go find something useless(and maybe stinky)and make it into something funky and cool! Then spray the heck out of it with Febreeze…

  11. Karrie on 04/02/2009:

    I have an ottoman that matches your bench exactly and I just upholstered it today. And then I come across your blog 3 hours later. Crazy! I love how it looks with the flokati rug–I used the Orla Kiely for Target tablecloth. So much better than the before.

  12. alexandreajane on 11/10/2010:

    i constantly have the itch to create for the house.
    I LOVE your sofa. we have been searching and searching for something sleek that we can both lay down on but to no avail. Where did you acquire yours?

  13. Jayme on 12/28/2010:

    Great DIY project and I laughed out loud when I read the bit about the serial killer.

  14. jessica on 03/06/2011:

    I LOVE this idea!!! I’m ready to go look for a bench at the thrift store right now!

  15. BuddhaLizzy on 05/06/2011:

    love the look…my tibetan spaniel would love that as a window perch!! actually, i cover a cocktail table with faux fur (just thrown on top) to prevent the scratch marks from her nails as she jumps up…that’s the answer!!! thanks much!! Namaste.

  16. maria on 11/02/2011:

    Thanks for sharing. it is so easy to do and the result is gorgeous.

  17. Lisette on 12/23/2011:


  18. Sherry on 05/04/2012:

    Maybe YOU didn’t spent any money but now I have to. To do: Find bench. Run to Ikea. Copy.

  19. Ellie on 07/08/2012:

    Love this idea so much. Will have to recreate this. Great blog too!

  20. Karoline on 02/27/2013:

    This is a great idea! I have an old kilim and 2 cute small stools and I am going to have to put your inspiration to work! Thanks so much!!!

  21. Vera on 01/14/2015:

    I’ve seen so many “furry” benches on Pinterest {yours is my favorite} so when the kids broke the glass on the IKEA coffee table, I immidietly knew it would become a furry bench! I’ve ordered a vintage, fur coat and I can’t WAIT to to start working on it!!!
    Yours looks amazing!!!

  22. Jazz on 12/28/2016:

    You are hilarious! I just bought a huge ottoman and some sheepskin so guess what I’ll be doing while watching Silence of the Lambs next weekend??

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