Roller Boogie

September 23rd, 2008

The kitchen has been begging for some window treatments. ENJE to the rescue!

I bought the dark gray version of the ENJE roller shade from Ikea and installed in the window above the kitchen sink. It gives some privacy, lets in light, and was super easy to install.

*Before & After

Above is the before and after. One issue I’m running into is the length of the metal chain. Its too long for the window and rests in a puddle on the counter top…getting in the way when I wash dishes.

And YES, the shade is a little boring. I’m just not ready to commit to a big graphic pattern or something to trendy, and I just am so bored dealing with this whole window treatment situation. Stupid naked windows.

I also bought another gray ENJE roller shade to go in the larger double window. This window is weirdly sized, so I bought the shade a little large and plan to cut it down to be a custom size. I experimented with cutting a small ENJE curtain and found that the best way to DIY is to use a chop saw with a fine metal blade – it cuts it really straight, but sparks like crazy. If you wet down the shade where your cut will go, it keeps the blade from burning or searing the edges of the curtain fabric.

I both hate and love Ikea.

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  1. troy. on 09/23/2008:

    In re the metal chain that is too long…could you just cut out a particular length of it and connect it with this:

    I understand the chain still has to roll over the mechanism, but test it out using a piece of tape to mark how much you need for the up and down roll. I have similar roller shades at work w/ ball chain controls and they are connected perfectly so the connector goes just to the mechanism, but not around it.

    For instance, when the shade is up the whole way, you'll wanna mark the the very top of the chain (just under the mechanism)that is facing the window. Then when you pull the shade completly down, you'll need to mark the top of the chain (just under the mechanism) that is away from the window. If neither piece of tape goes around the mechanism, you should be able to figure out where you can cut the chain and place the connector.

    Phew…sorry for the long-winded explanation. Hope it helps.

  2. Ivy M on 10/01/2008:

    Hi there! I love checking out your thrifty finds, but I’ve never commented before. Anyway, I saw this post on ReadyMade Mag’s blog today, and thought of your recent window treatment challenges:

    Hope it proves inspiring! Happy hunting!

  3. brandon on 07/04/2010:

    Sorry, I know this is old, but what was your solution to the shortening of the Enje shade cord. We have the same issue in our kitchen.

  4. mss @ WordsIntoBytes on 12/04/2010:

    Wow! You have my old kitchen. Almost exactly. Our upper cabinets were lower to the counter (so bottles and appliances couldn’t fit under them) and went to the ceiling. But other than that, same hardware and everything.

    We have a pink bathroom, too. I just wish it was trimmed int black like yours. Ours is trimmed in aqua with not-quite-matching blue tub and is fairly hideous.

    A neighbor recommended your site and I’m enjoying reading through the archives.

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