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August 10th, 2008

I’m not an interior designer, but I do like to decorate. Slowly the Brick House is evolving…as money and time permits. Typically I like to let my thrift store finds dictate what direction the decor will go in, and I never really plan out or “design” the room – which gets me into trouble.

I wanted to show a couple of the before and after progress shots. Its been 6 MONTHS since we moved in! I just need to remind myself that things have been accomplished – even though sometimes it feels like nothing is getting done.

The Dining Room

Before & sort of After (don’t mind the Boy eating nuts in the kitchen – he just wouldn’t move out of frame.)

The Den

Before & In Progress, GOOD god I still haven’t painted the door or changed the door hardware. There is still a plate covering the deadbolt from the realtor…wow. I NEED to choose a door color.

The Office/Den

Before & After (the needlepoint is ever expanding – still needs organizing and something – I’m not sure what)

The Living Room

Before & in progress…I’m still working on it.

Here are a couple more shots, just for fun-sies!

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  1. Katie on 08/11/2008:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and love your before & afters. Great work. I'll check back in often.

  2. Wanderluster on 08/11/2008:

    You’ve done a great job and made a lot of progress for only 6 months!

  3. Anonymous on 08/11/2008:

    Keep it up! The thing I like about your blog is the realness of it: it is not one of these “I have a $60K budget for my kitchen. What should I do” type of renovations. It real-world,”when I get some extra money I’ll do XYZ to the house” I think most of the people who read this blog are much like yourself. Thanks for keepin’ it real.

  4. juleswt on 08/11/2008:

    You may not be trained as an interior designer, but good taste and a good eye can’t be taught, and you have that in spades! What you’ve done with a limited budget looks like a million bucks.

  5. Leslie on 08/11/2008:

    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I have to say I adore it, very creative!

  6. Marcie on 08/12/2008:

    Just de-lurking to say it looks great!

  7. Fifi Flowers on 08/12/2008:

    Love the Before and Afters… Like looking in a design magazine!

  8. Anonymous on 08/13/2008:

    Don’t discount yourself. You’ve done a wonderful job of finding things that you like. It looks like a young energetic couple lives there.

  9. Punky Bruise-ster on 08/13/2008:

    Wow. Seeing the pictures like this is impressive. You’ve been in your house for 6 months? Don’t complain… I’ve been in mine for 2 years, and looks much less “finished” than yours! When you’re a thrifter/scavenger, your home is always a work-in-progress.

    BTW, I really love the last shots of the dining room (never seen that side before!). I like that cabinet! Slim, and unobtrusive, yet has a lot of storage/display space. What is it?

  10. googiemel on 08/13/2008:

    I’m a Mid-Century fanatic too, and my dream is to also buy some lovely Mid-Century home, hopefully an Eichler place, but Palm Springs has always been a mecca for me. I’m coming out there in a few weeks to do some thrifting and I was wondering if you could hook me up with some names and addresses of place I should hit up while I’m there. 🙂

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/14/2008:

    thanks so much everyone!

    I really try to do things on the cheap (since i work in education – in other words – i have no money). Its hard, I have all these crazy fantasies of what I want and try to find cheap-o ways of making them happen. Usually it doesn't work out, but every once in a while it does.

    Punky Bruise-ster: its an old secretary that i got at the long beach flea market for $40 – the wiring is all screwed up (theres a lamp inside the top desk part) and its missing the base (it was broken and i couldn't fix it so I just tore it off). I cleaned and polished it and turned it into a bar.

    the best list-

    You must visit:

    111 Antique Mall / Palm Springs
    2500 N. Palm Canyon Drive

    Angel View Prestige Boutiques – 462 Indian Canyon Drive & 886 N. Palm Canyon Drive

    Revivals – 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Sun Center

    Estate Sale Company-
    4185 E. Palm Canyon Drive

  12. Rick on 08/15/2008:

    i love your 9ft couch! i’m assuming it’s not store bought huh?

  13. adam and melissa on 08/15/2008:

    Love it, love it, LOVE it! Can I ask what brand/shade of white you have on your walls?


  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/24/2008:

    Rick: the 9ft couch was bought off of craigslist a few years ago – I LOVE it…and I haven’t seen anything like it at a reasonable price. It was quite a steal

    adam and melissa :
    The white is just Benjamin Moore Ultra Pure White in a matte finish. I had a coupon and bought a few 5 gallon buckets of it and pretty much just dipped the whole house.

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