June 13th, 2008

The Readymade Magazine Blog just featured my Custom Chair Action post.
While I’ve really never thought of myself as a crafty DIY Readymade person, it was nice to get a little internet linkage action.

I checked out their archives in hopes of getting some inspiration for the patio and landscaping and ran across this little feature called Hollywood Squares.

OMG – I love the Papyrus in those minimalist containers. I’m stealing that idea for the side yard…

Gorgeous! I love finished plywood floors and those windows – so jealous. If only my little brick had a touch more mid century Hollywood glam.

Such a nice studio, they used those commercial studs for flooring – brilliant

It seems that all these wonderfully modest mid century homes are remodeled by these young creative architect couples. See:

I guess I need to go get a degree in architecture before I start digging into The Brick House to make it this fabulous. Oh and $35,000 to remodel. Curses!! I can barely scrabble together two grand.

One day, you’ll see, you chipper LA architecture people. I will finish my house and it will look so very rad. And then who will smile in their kitchen in a magazine? ME, thats who. Ha hahahaha ha ha. I’m so jealous.

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  1. nixtress on 06/13/2008:

    : ) That’s where I found you, and I spent all morning reading all of your back entires and subscribed. We’re moving into our first “new” old house in a month and your blog is a big inspiration!

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/13/2008:

    wow congrats! good luck with the house.

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