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June 26th, 2008

Its hot. Like unbelievably hot here at The Brick House. So it seems that any plans for landscaping will have to wait till the end of summer. I’m actually dreading that part of the house rehab. I know nothing about plants or growing things in the desert or how to landscape so it looks nice and not like a sad cactus garden and I can’t afford a designer. (And I surely wouldn’t want to do any book learning to figure that stuff out. Really? Gardening? Sounds B-O-R-I-N-G).

Since we are so close to Palm Springs I thought I could take some inspiration from them…


These images below are definitely fitting into my idea of what I’d like to do.
(**I’m so sorry if I used your image and don’t credit it here. I started collecting them months ago and have no clue were they came from…)

I’m not really sure how attainable this look is. We fortunately (or unfortunately) have about 10,000 sq. ft. of property that needs LOTS of tender loving landscaping. All I see are dollar signs…

God I want that pool so freaking bad right now. Its so perfect – I would totally copy that for my side yard.

Do you remember our fence?

Its so awesome! I look at that monstrosity everyday and die a little inside. So anyhoo – fence inspiration:

I want horizontal wood. Everywhere. Or hard troweled plaster…

Just for giggles…

Above is our sad driveway and front yard…and below some inspiration to remedy that situation:

This project will take FOREVER to finish. It is just so overwhelming in its scope and cost that I’m frozen in fear to even start pricing materials out. I think the fence and driveway are the first on the list to complete…check back in like 3 years and see if we even started, I have a feeling we won’t.

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  1. katek on 06/26/2008:

    My advice is to befriend the fabulous Yvette, Domino Magazine’s Germinatrix garden blogger. Tell her Kate from Kate F, Girl Reporter sent you. She is an awesome garden planner in LA and is huge into succulents and xeriscaping, etc. I bet she could give you some great pointers on how to begin and some stop-gap solutions, planning resources, etc. Plus her enthusiasm might make gardening seem less boring!
    She is awesome, seriously.

  2. katek on 06/26/2008:

    (And of course I always type Yvette instead of Ivette, sigh. It’s with an “i”!)

  3. woodley park-zoo on 06/28/2008:

    That one pic up top with the red lack shelf in with the firewood — what an interesting/pretty idea! (whether it’s a good idea to have said shelf outdoors, I wonder…)

  4. Brad on 06/29/2008:

    I bought a fixer-upper house with a big yard 8 years ago since I wanted to re-do a home in my style and wanted a yard to landscape. Now, 8 years later, the yard looks nice but I haven’t done much with house since since keeping the yard in order takes all my time! It’s easy to fall into a trap like this.

    That said, I can give you few tips with yard:

    1) don’t over-landscape. Plants and trees will grow and end up taking a lot more space then you initially think

    2) don’t plant much right against the house

    3) do join a local garden club. They are great sources for cuttings and advice

    Good luck!

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