Master Bedroom

May 23rd, 2008

These vintage deer horns alert visitors that this is were the magic happens – so be prepared.

The tiny master bedroom is in transition. I’m still not sure exactly were its going to go design wise but I hope to be inspired soon enough. If only I had like $500 to spend on DWELL bedding, then maybe I would feel really inspired.

I installed those horrible white curtains. I’m not happy.

I forgot to buy an extra set so I’m short 2 panels and they need to be washed. I will wash them so they aren’t so stiff and wrinkled when I get the other set from Ikea and see how i feel then. Oh god and get rid of those blinds. YUCK. I’ve never seen a blind I like.

We are working on the closet. We had to make new doors, since someone (*he he – i mean you PREVIOUS OWNERS) took out the originals and left one of them in the front yard for 2 months. Its beyond repair, warped and dry rotted.

This is the dry fit run. Some adjustments need to be made and then we can paint and attach handles. The top doors are also in need of some paint and handles, maybe this weekend.

And then there is this.

Nice light. It really sets the mood for romantic times with that dangerous gaping hole, missing fan blades, and fishbowl globes. FADO to the rescue…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part.

This is the light switch, and no its not here to stop the nuclear reactor from melting down. I’m not sure why they put this in, you have to pull it to get the light to turn on and slam it to get the lights off.

So it’s like “hey baby welcome to my bedroom, let me get that light” – THUNK THUNK – “Go over to the bed and relax” – THUUNK THUNK THUNK – sexy.

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  1. birdy on 05/23/2008:

    Great blog!

    I couldn’t stomach the full price of Dwell bedding either, BUT I eventually found a set I love on Bluefly.

  2. Anonymous on 05/23/2008:

    oh my god, i am laughing out loud at that light switch! you are lucky… NO ONE will have a switch like that! you totally stand out.

  3. kingstreetfarm on 05/23/2008:

    OMG! I hate to laugh at your misfortune, but wow…you even have us beat for “tragic” in the before photos! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place! That light switch is freaking classic though–I’d be tempted to keep it, it’s so bizarre. LOL!

  4. Corey on 05/27/2008:

    I’m digging the antlers and the light switch. The switch makes me think of what “the button” that would have released a nuclear holocaust on Russis would look like. Maybe you could just add a sign above it that says in case of emergecy.

  5. Anonymous on 09/05/2008:

    I am late in the game here, but that switch!
    Oh my… funny!
    Laughing…it hurts…laughing..

    cheers from SLC!

  6. Elizabeth on 10/03/2010:

    I miss my doomsday light switch! It was left over from a job my husband had done. We just had to use it as a light switch. We had NO idea our house would sell to the first person that saw it. We should have switched out our switch before. The buyer’s demanded we leave the crazy “do not push this button” light switch. There was no need for “sexy” in this room. 🙂 It was a kid’s room! I’m cracking up at the imagery of trying to be sexy when turning off the WAY overboard light switch. Ahh… memories…

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