VCT Floors

April 7th, 2008

Although the project is still not quite complete, the new black
VCT floors are going in and looking fabulous. We decided on the Armstrong 12 in. x 12 in Classic Black Imperial Texture – classic indeed.

The process of getting the kitchen floors ready for installation is what took the most time, labor, tears, and cash. We scraped up 4 layers of vinyl and linoleium and we ripped out the damaged plywood areas – one water damaged spot under the fridge and a termite damaged spot near the shower stall.

(shower stall termite damage – EWWWWW and the water damage in the kitchen)

The termite damage extended beyond that small section and eventually half of the bathroom floor was gone, revealing the sub floor underneath. The holes were patched with 3/4 inch plywood and screwed down to the sub floor and then the entire floor was filled with a gypsum based floor patch and leveler.

(Crazy Dave – the tile expert extraordinaire who made it all happen! A talented and mentally unstable fellow as well as a good friend)

(this is the gypsum covered and troweled floors – smooth as plaster and ready for VCT)

Crazy Dave went way overkill and did about 4 layers of floor leveler and hand troweled it level and baby butt smooth. It was amazing and something I don’t recommend anyone attempt as a DIY.

Once the floor patch was dry and level- putting in the actual VCT tiles was a snap. Lay down the VCT adhesive and after it is troweled and left to dry for an hour (so that you can touch it without it being sticky), lay in your tiles and walk on them immediately. It went very quickly, in a few hours we had a brand new floor in our kitchen and back bathroom with a total cost of about $350.

I couldn’t be happier. We still have to buff and wax the whole thing and install the left over tiles in our pink bathroom, but for a weekend project it turned out quite successful. I love VCT!

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  1. 50s Pam on 04/10/2008:

    The floor looks great, and yes, you chose a classic!!

  2. Suzy Home-Improver on 04/15/2008:

    Can you tell me exactly what VCT is? I’ve never heard the term before… It looks great, and you say $350 *total cost,* including labor?

  3. letting it all hang out on 04/15/2008:

    VCT is Vinyl Composition Tile – you can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes. Its an industrial flooring material typically used for grocery stores, or schools, hospitals, ect. Its cheap – about 0.68 cents a square foot.

    We had to buy about 6 boxes of 45 tiles to cover everything, plywood to patch the floors, web patch to patch and level the floors, tools, equipment to cut the tiles and adhesive.

    We did the labor ourselves with the help of our friend Dave. Its actually a pretty simple project if your floors are level. Ours were really bad and neede a lot of repair so that was the main cost and labor portion.

  4. Alison on 08/20/2015:

    I wonder if you could install this over old lino… this VCT stuff.

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