Flea Market

April 21st, 2008

On Sunday I went with my sister to the Long Beach Antique Market for the first time. For years I’ve been pretty reticent about going to flea markets (well you have to get up so early) and I imagined them to be stuffed with overpriced shabby chic crappiness.

I am an idiot. There was a ton of great stuff there, and the prices were unbelievably cheap and reasonable. Now I am addicted and see a future of uncontrollable shopping.

I purchased a black sculptura “donut” phone ($20), a pair of mid century lamps with fiberglass shades (big ticket $75), a mid century secretary ($40 – that will eventually be a bar), and a short knoll tulip table with a marble top and metal base ($25!).

Pics coming soon…

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  1. kay* on 04/24/2008:

    wow! yes – it’s kanye west. i thought i would have stumped people for a little while longer. nicely done!

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