Couch Dilemma

April 29th, 2008

Its time to add another couch to the Brick House.

I’ve been thrifting, hitting craigslist, and doing the flea market dance but finding the perfect vintage couch is the most difficult endeavor. Mostly the pieces I love are priced way out of my range. Its to bad those Knoll Split Rails are like $4000…

Here are my 3 new – but retro feeling sofa options under $1000:

Edie Sofa in Rouge at Urban Outfitters
Shipping charge: $115
6-8 weeks for delivery

Corona Sofa at Macy’s
$899.00 – sale $650
$75 Delivery
out of stock – till June

BYRD Sofa at EQ3
6-8 weeks
many fabric options
$150 for delivery – or pick up at the store in Burbank

I really like the Byrd Sofa at EQ3 and might end up going that way. They have lots of fabric choices and the pricing isn’t bad. I see a scouting trip to Los Angeles in the future…

Although my dad just called and said they are donating a bunch of my grandparents furniture – including a 1950’s couch that is 9 feet long. I have no idea what it looks like but he says it needs to be reupholstered. I wonder how much that could run…maybe its got good bones – crossing my fingers.

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  1. 50s Pam on 05/01/2008:

    The the family vintage sofa for sure! It will be much better made than today’s sofas – and it’s family! Send me a pic when you get it in the house!

  2. Paper Dolls for Boys on 05/09/2008:

    I vote the last one, hands down. But I’m a sucker for all things greenish.

  3. Ryann with two n's on 05/14/2008:

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for more info on the byrd sofa. Ironically, I’ve been looking at the exact same couches as you. When I went to get the Corona, it was sold out like you mentioned. I plan on going up to Dallas next weekend and sitting on the BYRD. Maybe it will come home with me.

    You’re not alone in your hunt for the perfect(ly priced) sofa. Best wishes!

  4. letting it all hang out on 05/14/2008:

    Wow – good luck in Dallas!

    Sofa’s are tough, I’m still on the hunt…I’m going to EQ3 in Los Angeles this Saturday. I might just order the Byrd if it feels right.

  5. Corey on 05/21/2008:

    If you don’t have a couch yet, I’d definitely recommend the corona.

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