Bathroom Shower

April 25th, 2008

The pink bathroom got a shower and a new floor.

This is the cheapy external shower kit we installed. The best part of the whole thing was asking the guy at Home Depot if he had brass nipples. He did – and in lots of sizes.

We had to install a shorter nipple to attach the faucet and anchored the pipe to the wall. The whole project cost about $120 and took 4 hours. This external shower kit is a piece of crap. We had to take the whole thing apart to burrow out some holes and reinstall it about 4 or 5 times. It kind of works, but the shower head leaks when you just want the tub faucet on and when you turn the shower on it is SO LOUD. Painfully loud.

So we have yet to use the stupid thing, and continue to shower in the blue bathroom. Oh well…

But we did finish the VCT floor. I actually really like it, and love how durable it is. We had it sealed and waxed and now it looks great. Now that I finally bought a digital camera, there will be better pics to come!

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  1. Jenni on 04/25/2008:

    I like the pink and black bathroom. The VCT works well.

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