Adding a shower

March 17th, 2008

The main pink bathroom has a tub – but no shower. I love the tile and want to keep the bathroom as authentically retro as possible, but we NEED to add a shower. I am not a bath taker. Sitting in a tub of tepid filthy water makes my stomach turn.

There is a closet located to the right, behind the faucet and plumbing. So hopefully we can access the plumbing from there – but that means we will have to tear the closet and drywall apart. The costs keep adding up…

So how to add a shower? I’m still not very sure but I found a few useful tips and links. The DIY network has a brief step by step instruction for adding a shower to a pink 50’s bathroom.

I wish the step by step was a little more in depth, as most of the terminology and equipment are pretty foreign to me – plus the list of materials is a bit overwhelming…


pipe wrench
pipe cutter
safety glasses
shop vacuum
plumber’s putty
reciprocating saw
drill with a 1-1/2″ spade bit
utility knife
tile bit

I’m wondering if it may be more cost effective to buy on exterior shower unit. Yahoo answers had a similar question. One answer was the “Add-a-Shower”.

This one is made for built in tubs, and at only $92.28 plus $5.90 for the face bushing to customize with a different shower head, it may be the cost effective winner.

I hate to loose the old faucet and replace it with something so unattractive and utilitarian (I mean they can’t even post
a picture, just this dreary drawing?). I can always take it out later…(these will be my famous last words for every crappy compromise).

Does anyone have experience with these type of converters, or possibly a better solution?

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