VCT Flooring

February 24th, 2008
Most of the house still has the original hardwood floors. In the kitchen and bathrooms it appears that VCT tiles were recently installed. I’m a big fan of VCT, but I’m not a huge fan of checkerboard – especially checkerboard done really crappy. We are looking to go a little more mid century modern and a little less kitschy 50’s.

Someone didn’t do something right along the way, so there are HUGE gaps and crooked tiles everywhere. You can see the glue covered sub-floor, which is an awesome look…for me to poop on.

The Kitchen

*(This is the only photo I have of the kitchen…it will have to do till we actually move in.)

VCT inspiration

(Yuuummmy Eichler houses…with VCT floors.)

While VCT is typically a commercial flooring, I’ve always loved the retro feel and affordable pricing. Its tough, its shiny, and it looks great in a minimal modern setting. Perfect…..

We will be replacing the checkerboard with either black or dark gray VCT – I’m secretly leaning towards black.
There is a really helpful DIY tutorial on how to install custom VCT : VCT Installation

Below are a few things with links that I’ve been looking into for the project. It will need to be completed before moving in. Ahhhhhh!

Armstrong 12 In. x 12 In. –$30.60
Classic Black Imperial Texture Excelon® Vinyl Tile – Carton of 45

Armstrong Tile Adhesive – $16.97

Armstrong Floor Polish – $16.97

Budget wise we are hoping to spend around $300 to redo the floors in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
They might look a little like this…except for sexier…

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  1. sassypant on 02/25/2008:

    I think you should go with the wall mounted sink faucet- all of your choices are so chic. What great taste you have

  2. eichler on 06/15/2008:

    did you go with the VCT Flooring? The picture above is from one of our clients homes (who utilized VCTs from Armstrong). the floors hold up very well and are excellent with infloor radiant heating systems

  3. ModFruGal on 06/23/2009:

    I used VCT in my bath and kitchen at my last house and everyone loved it when they saw it…but if I told them about it unseen they seemed horrified! VCT gets a bad rap down here so I'm so happy to see you use it…looks great!

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/23/2009:

    I love it – people thought I was nuts too. They were worried it would look like a grocery store.

  5. Crystal on 02/04/2011:

    I know I’m… oh, a couple years… late in the game, but I just found your blog and I *love* it. Serious. My husband and I went through a house renovation starting in January of 2008 and did all the work ourselves. Of course, there is always something else to do!

    Anyway, we also used black VCT on our bathroom and laundry room floors for the same reasons you used it. We love the retro feel. Used in the right way, VCT can look awesome!

    Love your house and your writing! Can’t wait to go to work and not work and just read your blog instead!


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